Considering the "motorola one 5G ace" - is 128GB version available or not?

Motorola offers this phone with memory size options, are both the 64GB and 128GB sizes available thru Republic? I see the 64, but no RW site option for 128. I’d expect a price difference, but not lack of availability. Suggestions?

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I’m going to say yes… I think :face_with_monocle: …but I would like @louisdi to double check me.

There was talk of the 128GB model here:

Tho It’s not specifically noted in the BYOP’s:

@louisdi , was this finally answered? :thinking:

I haven’t seen any user verification, but Republic has never specifically listed memory configurations and so the fact that it isn’t shown in the Phone list doesn’t mean anything (for example the 128GB & 512GB version of the Note 20 Ultra work with Republic). I maintain the same position as previously, Motorola appears to make a 128/6 US Factory Unlocked version of the One 5G Ace and it should work with Republic.

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Hi @joef,

Available to purchase from our website? No. We stock only the 64GB version.

We do support the 128GB version. Our BYOP page indicates that we support model number XT2113-2 with the following Manufacturer’s Part Numbers: PALK0002US, PALK0003US, PALK0006US, PALK0007US. Of those, I beleive the last three are all 128 GB versions.

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