Considering upgrading from Moto G4 to G6

I have a Moto G4 with a GSM SIM and have MyChoice +1GB service.
I will be traveling to Europe and am considering upgrading to a G6 or G6 Plus which allows you to insert a memory card (very appealing) among other benefits (more memory, newer operating system, etc). I don’t see those available for purchase through RW; will RW support either phone?

Hi @helenw.dsrvdd,

Republic does not support the Moto G6 Plus as it was never released in the U.S. It has been imported via the gray market (legal but unauthorized by Motorola). Though no longer sold in its online store, Republic does still support the G6 which may be sourced elsewhere. Motorola has stock remaining:

Thank you very much for this info; the G6 Plus sounded like an awesome phone from what I was reading in comparisons.

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