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I have read here that there is now significant lack of, or spotty coverage for RW phones now due to changes made in servers. I am worried now as I have to do a long drive soon from FL to NY via DC, and fear not having coverage while on the road (interstates). The RW coverage map says all is pretty much green where I am going but I have read here that this is not necessarily the case, especially in the NE. What if I need road side assistance? I can’t risk not being able to call for help if I need it. That possibility is quite disconcerting and makes me nervous. Thanks.

We just drove from Tampa to the NYC area and had no loss of coverage with RW.

Glad to hear that, and I assume you went I95. I am going the more western route up I75 then ultimately to I81. Much more rural in many parts of that trip. I do have a new phone and a new RW Sim card in it, so I hope it works out. My question to RW is are they working on this issue? Something to do with the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint towers. Thanks for your reply.

Let’s confirm which Republic SIM is in your phone (GSM or CDMA). Here’s how to tell:

There isn’t anything for Republic to work on per se. It’s true T-Mobile now owns Sprint’s legacy network as well as its’ own GSM network by virtue of T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint. It’s also true, T-Mobile is in some areas folding portions of Sprint’s coverage footprint into its’ GSM network but, as of now, the networks remain largely separate. In some areas that may lead to degradation of coverage on Sprint’s legacy network but, if anything, should improve coverage on T-Mobile’s GSM network. Bottom line, T-Mobile owns both networks and will do what T-Mobile chooses to do with them. T-Mobile isn’t consulting with Republic or other providers using one or both networks on the matter.

Republic has been acquired by DISH and DISH has recently signed a network services agreement with AT&T that seemingly ultimately will bring AT&T coverage to Republic. That said, we don’t know precisely what that might look like nor when it might happen.

I do have GSM, but honestly, even where Iive I have a heck of a time with coverage sometimes, sending and receiving texts and calls in certain areas…like in my office. Some days its fine, other days not. And thanks for the clarification on the state of RW, who owns it, who is in control, etc. I’ll just have to hope I don’t break down in an area with spotty coverage on my trip. I have been with RW for years and don’t want to leave it. Best to you.

Hi @marys.yhfpy8,

GSM = T-Mobile network coverage. For better or worse, you are dependent upon T-Mobile’s GSM coverage for your trip. Your GSM coverage with Republic is as good as a T-Mobile customer themselves gets. Generally, I would expect there to be no issues along the interstates even in relatively rural areas. Should you venture off the interstates in more rural areas, coverage might get spotty. Candidly, that could be true of any of the national networks (AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon). No one has perfect coverage in all areas.

Regarding coverage issues in areas closer to home such as your office, that doesn’t necessarily portend what one should expect along an interstate highway when traveling. It’s possible Republic CDMA (legacy Sprint network) coverage would work better near home, however, if it were me, I’d wait until returning home to consider exploring that.

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Hi @marys.yhfpy8,

An additional thought occurs to me. Your concern about potentially breaking down on a long multi-state trip is understandable. If not already considered, in addition to doing that which can be done regarding cellular coverage, I would suggest asking a qualified mechanic to give your car the once over and addressing any needed maintenance before leaving.

I’m not currently planning any long trips but I do live in hurricane prone Florida. During storm season particularly, I do my best to keep the car gassed up and otherwise ready to go in case we should need to evacuate.

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Thanks so much! I am feeling a bit more confident about this now. Really appreciate all the input.

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