Constant Audio Notifications

I have a MotoX 2nd Gen that is suddenly giving me audio notification at least once per minute. When I pull down the main menu drawer there are no apps listed that need attention.

I have rebooted the phone to no avail. How can I track down the offending app or stop this behavior. I so not want to shut off my volume.

Thank you.

Start by restarting the phone in Safe mode. Press the Power button on the side of the phone until the Power off dialog appears. Then, touch and hold the Power off banner until the Safe mode dialog appears. If the notifications stop, you likely have a third-party app causing the problem. Uninstalling your third-party apps one at a time will find the culprit. Typically, you would want to uninstall third-party apps in reverse order of the order in which they were installed. That way, hopefully, the most recently installed app will be the only one that needs to be removed.

I’m locking this discussion as the solution has been provided here: BlueTooth Trying to Connect to Unwanted Devices

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