Constant updates


I just received my Moto Z Play this week. Today alone I have had 4 software updates and now one is parked awaiting my approval. Isn’t this overkill?


There have been quite a few Android system updates since the Z Play was introduced about a year ago. New to you phone likely just needs to catch up.

Below is a link to Help search that includes Announcements.


Hi @jeannij,

Your phone will experience updates to the Android operating system. For more understanding about those updates, please read this:

Each app on the phone is also subject to updates as the different app developers make improvements. You can manage those updates in the Google Play Store app to ensure they happen only on Wi-Fi, and only when you select them. Please let us know if you need help managing them.

Republic Wireless releases app updates on a regular basis to the Republic Wireless app and the Republic Anywhere app. These updates resolve bugs and improve our services. We try to strike a balance between providing fixes for bugs as quickly as possible, bringing improvements to our service on a reasonable cadence, and not causing “overkill.”


If you’d like to post what you see under Software Build in the Settings – About Phone screen, we can likely tell you how many more you’ve got to go before you’re caught up.


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