Consumer Electronics Show 2018


So the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show is currently underway with new technology being showed off.

Republic announced some cool things recently. @southpaw, there is there a table showing off Republic’s anywhere speaker or Relay? I remember seeing pictures of Republic at a trade show when we first gotten started. My invitation seemed to have gotten lost in the mail so I can’t confirm this.

Anyways, this being a general discussion, what new products have you guys in the community seen and what are you excited for?



I was excited to see what kind of value Huawei was going to bring to America. That speech at the end of their presentation was also pretty good.

The unveiling of AMD Ryzen 2 and the new chips with graphics was also exciting. I have a new Ryzen system so being able to buy the new chips for a easy upgrade will be nice.

I’m kinda tired of all the smart things. It feels more like a fad now than innovation.



Hey @happywillow0, we do have a presence at CES, but no booth.

Always looking to get the word out on all things Republic – past, present, and future!



I’m here at CES :slight_smile:
today’s the last day; I’m presenting for my work but should be able to walk around a bit today. I heard the Netflix promo booth is downstairs from us and will check that out today.



here’s a handful of arbitrary photos and videos from CES:
nothing really jaw-dropping that i saw… the netflix booth was fun though ( )

I got 3D-scanned at the kodak booth, but all they sent me was the option to purchase prints of myself - i was hoping to acquire the model itself so i could do something interesting with it and print it on my own 3D printer (i thought it would be cool to make a fishing lure from it with articulated arms and legs, and hooks from my hands and feet…) - i’ve contacted the company behind the scan (oddly enough, not kodak) and hope they’ll send the object file soon :slight_smile:




From the photos it appears the freaks and the geeks may have been boogieing that night.



I wondered if Republic was at CES. @Ryan I am sure if you ever set up a booth, some of us would be more than willing to occupy it for Republic :wink: .

I am interested in Relay. I am very curious to see how this pans out. I love the idea, but I am not totally sure how the market will respond.



I liked it that Asus is touting their new mesh network firmware. I downloaded the mesh beta for my AC68U but since they don’t have a corresponding firmware update for my N66W I ordered one of those T-Mobile editions of the AC68U and hope to have their mesh network running at home by the end of this week.


Mesh WiFi - a coming of age technology?

i’m rather excited by Relay myself and i think it stands to capture an interesting new market segment. i think it depends somewhat on how much autonomy we can give children who use them and with that how deeply into family lives the product might have an effect.



Indeed. I am still not convinced that people will opt for this as oppose to a smartphone. It would be the sensible thing to do (and what I would want to do), but I am just not sure about the general population. It’s got a lot of potential and is going to be interesting-thats for sure!



as a parent with young kids (lil’bit is 4.5 yrs old already! yikes!) i am eager for a non-smartphone device for kids that still provides communication and some form of entertainment (e.g. music). i’m VERY eager for this and i suspect so too are many other parents for the same reason: kids get ‘addicted’ to video. it consumes their attention like a black hole. lil’bit will avoid the bathroom and food, he’ll sacrifice toys and outdoor playtime, he’ll do ANYTHING for just one more episode… and that’s not healthy.

i want tech for my kids - i want to give them the best possible start with it and i’m biased towards a positive view of tech. unencumbered smartphones (no parental control apps) are clearly problematic, but even with apps installed to limit netflix/etc usage they see that screen and they crave the content they know it could provide. a screenless device potentially solves this while perhaps providing additional value.

i’d love to get one for lil’bit and another for his best friend (purchased/controlled by the friend’s parents). walkie-talkie conversations over a half dozen miles via wifi between the two sounds awesome to me. battery based cell-data conversations when exploring the forest around our house sounds awesome to me too. a phone is too fragile and attention seeking - something that can get out of the way and enable kids to use them without encumbering other activities is very promising :slight_smile:


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