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I am having so many problems, particularly with browser? If I do a network settings reset, what will happen to contacts and apps?

Hi @ellenb.rzxpjf!

If you are just resetting the network settings, it will NOT affect your contacts or apps (other than kicking them offline).

I hope that helps!

One problem is how to I authorize cookies on the republic browser or will that problem resolve if I do network reset?

Will it be obvious to a neophyte how to get them back online?

Republic doesn’t have a browser. Are you talking about Google Chrome? If the internet is not working, you may want to try rebooting the phone.

Kinda difficult to reboot the internet :crazy_face:

I have the internet. Amazon tell me to enable cookies on my browser, chrome. Thanks . I will see if I can get an answer thru google.

Indeed. I was referring to the phone but that was not clear :slight_smile: . I’ve updated the post to reflect the clarification!

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