Contacts app has stopped

I have Alcatel A30 with Talk and Text plan

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I am just starting to use this phone. I have entered 50 people in the contacts app. On about 1/4 of the contacts, when I tap on their name I get an error message that says the app has stopped.

Hi @ivane.ox5ydj

Are you syncing your phone to a Google account? If you are, do you see your contacts when you login to that Google account at the following link?

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Yes and Yes.

Have you tried simply turning off and restarting the phone and trying again?


have you cleared the app cache or the system cache How to Clear the Android System Cache on Alcatel A30 – Republic Help ?

Restarting phone did not help.
Clearing app cache did not work.

Have not tried clearing system cache.

Hi @ivane.ox5ydj

Before you try deleting the system cache, try going back to the app in your settings. Then “force stop” it, “disable” it (if it don’t let you uninstall it, this will bring the app back to the version you got with the phone). Then click on the apps storage and delete both “cache” and “clear storage”. I would then re-download/upgrade the app in the Play Store. Sign in again if it asks you… hope it helps! :crossed_fingers:

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Will I loose all my contact data in the process?

No. Not if you indeed (as you said to @johnny5 above) see your contacts when you logged into the link he provided.
I agree with you as a precaution to double check and again, log into your Google account via your computer and look and see if you see the contacts. If they are there, then resetting the Google Contacts app on your phone should not delete them. Once you have done so your contacts will be pulled down from the Cloud to your phone… and my hope is all will be well :wink:


Somehow I have lost the most recent message with a suggestion about how to solve this problem. The message began with “force stopping” the contacts app, but I do not know what came next. Can you please that message?

Sure thing!

Hi @ivane.ox5ydj

Did ya have any success getting that Contacts app going again?

Yes, it appears to be working now. Thanks for the help we received.

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