Contacts continue to display even when sync is disabled

I have two Google accounts on my phone,. personal and work. I do not want my work contacts displayed.

Within the contacts app, I have my personal account selected and can only view my personal contacts. However, when I open the phone app to make a call, contacts from both accounts are displayed.

From settings> users and accounts>, I have both Contact and People details syncing disabled.

How can I prevent the phone and I’m from displaying contacts from both accounts? This is really important, as I am a teacher, and contact information for all of my students and their parents from 8 years of teaching are loading.

I’m not aware of a way to do this. I just use a lock screen so that people other than myself can’t use my phone or see my contacts.

Hi @laurac.u3u5jh,

I may have this worked out for you, see if this helps.

First, make sure your work contacts aren’t syncing.
Settings > Accounts > > account sync, turn off Contacts

Then go to Settings > Apps, tap See all ## apps, tap the three dot :dots: icon at top right, tap show system, open Contacts Storage and once again tap storage and clear storage.

Now go back to the phone app and see if your work contacts appear. (Mine don’t.)

That worked! Thank you so much!

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