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I have to say, I’m excited about trying out Republic Anywhere. Thanks for this! :slight_smile:

I’ve installed the app on my MacBook (Sierra 10.12.5) and my Moto X (1st gen). Some of the data synched across the two devices. Too bad all of the messages are not supported, but baby steps, right?!

The question I have is about contacts. On the Mac, it seems as though it doesn’t know anything about my contacts. I can’t search for any and all of the SMS conversations show only phone numbers. Is this expected? Is there an option somewhere that needs to be turned on?


Hi @jimk!

I found a button that says “Sync Contacts.” Open the Anywhere app on your phone, go into the settings, and tap “Sync Contacts Now.” Hopefully that will do it ;).



To clarify, the sync contacts button will sync contacts between Anywhere and your Republic phone. There is no direct syncing between the Anywhere desktop app and macOS contacts.



I can see how that can give you the impression the MacOS (and likewise PC app) are syncing to the respective platform’s contact book.

The processes goes as follows: It is sending the contact information from your phone (the Contacts app on your X1) to our internal server. When your Mac or PC app requests the sync, it is syncing with the information we store (from your phone) to the application install.

If you are missing information, I suggest making sure your contacts are completely correct in the Contacts app itself. To ensure what is uploaded is accurate. I hope this helps!


You can see how much I know about that ;). I figured it was worth a try.


Thanks @mb2x. After I posted I found that setting. It showed a message saying something like ‘scheduling syncing of contacts’ or something similar. No change on the desktop app though.

It occurred to me that Quitting and Restarting the desktop app might help, and guess what? It surely did!


Yeah. It said that for me too. I was not in beta (and I don’t even have the desktop one installed) so I am new to this too. I thought the button sounded promising, but I guess not.


Thanks for the clarification @JamesT. Quitting and restarting the MacOS app seems to have fixed the problem. I guess that caused it to ‘request the sync’ as you say. Perhaps there should be a button or something that does this request?


Well, you are in luck!

You’ll find the option at the top of your display where the task icons populate. I don’t normally use MacOS, so I’m not sure about what this area is called anymore but here you are:

The option is also available within the Anywhere app settings on the phone. Typically you are right if you experience this issue try the Sync option on both ends. If the issue continues reboot the phone and application on the computer. I hope this helps!

James T.
Technical Support
Republic Wireless


Fabulous! I had not even noticed that there was an icon there! I had been looking for preferences in the main menu here:


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macOS refers to this as the menu bar:


All right, as usual I don’t understand any of this. I was wanting information on uploading the contact info on my Republic Wireless phone to “the cloud” and/or to my home computer, an external hard drive or flash drive, etc. I.e., creating a backup of my contact list. I have a Motorola Moto G (3rd generation) phone. My computer is a PC with Windoze.

Do I want something called Republic Anywhere? Where do I get it, and do I install it on both my phone and my computer? Once I’ve installed it, will the use of it be obvious without additional instructions? If not, are there complete instructions someplace?



Hello @johnw.pdvsog
if you go here and log into your google account (Gmail) do you see your contacts?
If so you are already backing up your contacts to the Google Cloud
If not go into your phone settings–>accounts–>Google and make sure you have sync turn on for your contacts

If you do not have a Google account I would set up at least a dummy one to hold contacts and gain access to the Google play store

there are also a few contact backups apps (most SMS backup apps will also backup contacts

Republic anywhere is so one can send and receive text via there Republic Number on a Computer (right now Windows or Mac, Linux is currently in beta and Android tablet /iOS is in the development [prebeta]


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