Contacts not receiving text messages

Samsung S8

Contacts are not receiving text messages.

Tried over WiFi and Data and with " Everywhere ", “Android Messages”, and “Textra”.

I can make calls and receive calls from contacts.

Issue Description

Thanks for opening the thread! Let’s see what we can do. Have you tried rebooting yet? If so, I would recommend clearing the cache. If you haven’t done either, go ahead and try those. Additionally, can you text a non-contact?

No problem.

I had tried to restart it, but hadn’t tried to clear the cache. Unfortunately, clearing the cache did not work. I can try to text a non-contact.

Go ahead and see if it works. Do you have a decent data reception where you are? Additionally, is your WiFi stable?

The wifi connection is stable as I’m using it to talk over voice chat. My data connection is also fine as I can load web pages (allegedly LTE)

Ok. Have you tried texting a non-contact?

I downloaded a text-free application and got a new number to try and text, and no it still did not work.

Ok. What happens if you uninstall and reinstall and the Republic app?

Uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted - still nothing unfortunately

Ok. It looks like my phone stopped texting as well. I have notified Republic staff and I will let you know what we find out.



Please open a ticket and include the following information:

  1. When did the issue begin
  2. Do text messages fail to send when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, Cell, or both.
  3. Exactly what steps have you taken. Please don’t say “tried everything” because our agents cannot assume you’ve seen the same “everything” they’ve seen. List the steps you have taken.
  4. Give some examples of failed texts, including: the number the text was from, to, and the time it was sent
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Been done, thanks : Ticket #1382193


10:20 PM Solved by support

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Several hours able to GET messages from 2 different ATT iPhones. The ATT customers did not get my replies.
Tried on wifi & on LTE. Restarted & rebooting my phone had no impact.
In the last minute I now see on my ATT iPhone messages I sent earlier are arriving now.


We are seeing the messages moving through the network again at this time. There will be a few more minutes as the backlog clears up, but we expect delivery to resume normal performance withing a few minutes.

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