Continually receive calls meant for another person


What phone do you have? Moto G 3rd gen
What plan are you on? Republic Refund 1GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes, it includes data.

Issue Description

My wife’s phone has been having this problem for more than a year. She gets phone calls from various people looking for a man named “Oscar”. It occurs two times per week on average. The calls come from businesses (Bellaire Pharmacy and info about gas being turned off due to construction) as well as from people. It’s strange b/c the people state they dialed a different number, but it gets routed to her phone somehow. Has anyone else experienced this?


Hi @itwontgiveup,

Your wife is quite patient to have put up with wrong-number calls for more than a year! If the account owner will open a support ticket at Tickets | Republic Wireless, our technicians can make a change that will most likely silence those calls.


Thanks! I will submit a ticket now.


If any of them are calling to tell Oscar he’s won the lottery, tell them I changed my name to Beach Boui, and they can reach me here. :grinning:


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