Continuing problems with Republic Anywhere

What phone do you have? Moto G

What plan are you on? WiFi + Cell Talk + Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Just talk and text

Issue Description

Still having problems with Republic Anywhere on my laptop. Started early in this year when I first started using it. When I close out of it (clicking the X at the far upper right-hand corner of the window), it disappears completely from my computer, and has to be installed once again from the “Install Republic Anywhere” application before it’s available for use again.
I suppose it could be some problem with my computer, but this does NOT happen with any other application I have, nor have I ever seen any other app do this before.
Also, when having a texting conversation (using my computer), only the receive texts show up on my phone…not the texts that I send out.

Are you using Republic Anywhere on your phone? If not, then this is standard behavior…texts sent from desktop version of RWA only sync up if you use Republic Anywhere on your phone.

As for your first problem… I would recommend that the next time you launch RWA, right click the icon on the taskbar and click on “Pin to taskbar”…and see if you can launch it from there next time around by clicking on the icon in the taskbar.

Thank you. I’ll try doing what you suggested.

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For your Moto G, if you haven’t already installed Republic Anywhere…then it is no longer available on the Play Store… if you want to install Republic Anywhere on your phone…look at this help article and follow the instructions in item 2

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