Continuous nuisance calls

All of a sudden I’m getting continual calls from numbers I don’t recognize, with a local prefix. This happening every few minutes and it’s driving me nuts. All the numbers are different, so it’s probably a scammer, I know.
What puzzles me is that my phone shows a notification each time that says ‘SMS to download’. If I press the ‘download’ button, nothing happens, i.e., no text appears.
I called back one of the numbers out of curiosity, and all I get an anonymous voicemail box. I can’t block the different numbers that come up, so I don’t know how to stop it. What I want to know is, why is my phone telling me to ‘download the SMS’?? oh I’m on a new Moto G7 Play, and still learning it. Obviously!


Hi @davidh.66j1ud

Please login to your account and check the call detail records for your line. Do you see the calls coming in there? Please be aware the time stamp in the report uses an international time standard called UTC.

Here is a link to the instructions for viewing your call detail records:

How to View Call Records and Message History – Republic Help

Please let us know if you see the nuisance calls listed.

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Hi – There’s a number I don’t recognize that seem to have attempted to leave the repeated SMSs I described, possibly around the time I thought, but the times listed make it confusing. Also confusing is there are outgoing as well as incoming SMSs listed on unknown numbers, which (the outgoing) I know I didn’t make. Don’t know how that’s possible. Anyway, it looks like there are one or two numbers I could check, then block if necessary.

Hi buddy, did you try disabling to recieve sms from that number?

H. Smith

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