Controlling Your Data Usage


Republic Wireless is all about your data usage. With Wi-Fi available, we do not need to pay extra for large amounts of cell data. With newer and faster phones however, we start using more apps and data just slips away sometimes. Luckily, there are ways to monitor your usage and minimize your usage and monthly costs.

Monitoring Data

If you just need to see where your data is going, there are a few different methods.

Built into Android, you have your data counter. It can provide basic information about the data you use. You can find this in the Settings App, Data Usage, and then Cellular Data Usage.

Republic Wireless also can help provide you with tools inside the Republic Wireless app. The remaining data here is more precise as it is directly from the source. You can also see how much data each app has used.

Third Party Data Monitor Apps can also help you with more features. Apps such as My Data Manger can keep track of your data similar to the built in options. However, you get additional features such as your daily budget (how much you can use that day so you do not go over at the end of the month) as well as widgets or notifications that show you the data clearly.

Restricting Data

If you are like me, you might start watching a video and not realize you are on cell data. Some other apps can help you monitor and stop you from using your data. These apps use the VPN feature built in to route all data though itself first before it goes out to the internet. This allows the app to stop data but means you have to trust it as it can see all the data as well.

Republic Wireless actually has a built in way as well! In addition to seeing how much you used, in the Data Tools section of the Republic Wireless app, you can turn onData Freeze

Note! The Republic Wireless app is the main app doing the heavy lifting for calling and texting. It uses a bit of data (not charged to you) to make things work . Data Freeze is the official way to block data but still ensuring your phone calls can still process though as apposed to just turning off cell data. If you use another app such as the ones below, make sure to allow the Republic Wireless app to bypass the block.

Datally from Google the app I use now to protect my data from myself. Basic features is that it can track your usage. However, it also includes features to block data in the background as well as remind me that the app I’m playing with is using data.

NetGuard is a more feature full blocking app that I have tested. For saving data, it is overkill in a way but for the people who want every detail customized, you can set it up so an app has data or is blocked on wifi or cell or even if the screen is on or off.

Have your own favorite app? Let us know and how it saves you data.

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Thanks for these tips.
Early this month, I had a 750MB data drain within a couple of hours and neither the RW app nor the Android data manager could account for what used the data. The phone was on Wi-Fi at the time.

To make sure that this doesn’t happen again, I have started using RW’s “Data Freeze” feature in the RW app. This blocks all cellular data except the nonbillable data used by Anywhere and RW’s own app. This seems to work pretty well. Most of the time I leave Data Freeze turned on because I’m on Wi-Fi at home and at work. When I need cell data, I just go to the app and turn data freeze off. It would be helpful if RW added a toggle button to the swipe down menu, but that brings up another confusing point. The 2-finger swipe down menu on my G5+ shows “Republic” at the top, and clicking on it brings up the Android data menu rather than the Republic data menu. And when clicking on “more settings” I see that data saver is on and cellular data is on (which I presume is necessary for the RW app to work). But this is confusing since all cellular data is blocked except for the whitelisted RW stuff. It would be better if clicking on Republic gave the RW data options with a link to the generic Android stuff.


I have just been told by Republic help that they recommend I disable Datally as well as Data Saver because one line has been experiencing texting problems and data drain.

I have seen Datally recommended on the forums (such as on this post) so I find the advice confusing.

I have seen Netguard recommend many times too. How is that app different from Datally and will that interfere with Republic service?


I see Datally as one tool to use to help control data, and not necessarily to block data usage.

At the most basic level, I actually have it installed on my phone but with the data stopping features off. I use it primarily at this point as a data tracker which helps keep track of which apps are using data and bubble (telling me how much data I’m using) will pop up to remind me that I accidentally forgot to enable wifi when I start watching a youtube video.

Republic Wireless while a great service provider works slightly differently than other cell providers. Normally, calls and text will flow though their specific channels on their cell service. Republic Wireless while using wifi and cell can communicate directly with the phone though data (that isn’t counted toward your use) for better quality reliability. If I was to use any blocking service such as Datally or Netguard, I would have to remember to allow Republic Wireless (and associated apps you think are important) to bypass the block. This way, even if the app is blocking your data, the Republic Wireless app can still work in the background.

All in all, if you are having trouble, you can try different methods. You can turn it off completely and use the tracing features or see if you can just selectively turn off any blocking for Republic Wireless, Anywhere, and Messages and see if that works as well.


Is there a way to control certain apps? I thought at one time there was a way within the republic app to turn off cellular to specific apps. That would be a very useful feature to have again.


Hi @bradleys.lkya7q,

It’s unlikely that feature will be returning to the Republic app as on older legacy phones. Once can mimic this by using a third party local firewall app. @happywillow0, mentions a couple in his original post.


I have a moto z 2play coming from a legacy Moto X. Was used to being able to control data usage for each app. Netguard has been working very nicely for me. I set it up as shown above, giving cellular data access only to Republic Wireless. I do have to go in and out when apps need just a spot of access like for some reason I downloaded a book from my library, but every time I use the app and open it up it has to reconnect to the internet for a moment. But if you use data freeze you’d be doing the same thing. And this does give you lots of control. Only thing is I keep it on all the time so it’s one more thing (little shield) sitting up top next to the republic arch that I hate looking at (love my arch, though!). Anyway, it definitely saves data. There are still some things like Google play services that don’t show up, but I don’t find these things a big drain my data. My phone remains extremely functional. Hope this is helpful.