Conversation gets garbled on reciever side

What phone do you have? moto x4

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all

Issue Description

Person on other phone says that call is garbled. She claims it only happens with my phone.

You might want to narrow it down a bit

Thanks for your response. It occurs in both wifi and cell mode away from my wifi. Reciever has same problem on cell or wifi but only with me and I don’t have this with anyone else.

Thanks for the feedback, sorry but more questions

  • The receiving user … are they a Republic Wireless member?
    • If yes, could they join this discussion
    • If not, and you are the only caller they have a problem with, I would suggest you Open a Ticket with Republic and report the problem calling to the specific user (provide the phone number and time of a recent failure in your initial Ticket)
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Ok, thanks for your help

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