Conversations about other businesses

Back when Sears were shutting stores in our area, I ordered a clearance Craftsman 230 piece mechanics set on sale to eventually give to my daughter when she moves out. It never came, so contacted shipper, they said they had the info but never picked it up. Sears apologized put in a new order for the new even lower sales price (something like 90 instead of 99) and gave me a credit of something like $20 on next order. Great!!

Got the one set in, it was nice looking. Shipped in a box. Then a couple weeks later the original one comes in, no cardboard box, just loose and slightly scratched up case.

I did the online chat with them, gave them my email, they said they would send me a shipping tag to send it back. A week or so later, no shipping tag, Did the online chat again, they said they had no record of the shipping tag, but they would send me another, and verified my correct email address. Never came. I’ve waited years now, they have never asked for the 2nd set (slightly damaged case)back. So I have 2 brand new sets for about 90 some bucks and had a $20 credit I used towards some other tool they were closing out.

Moral of the story, companies do try to make things right, customers do as well. Sometimes its rewarding to let the process play out.


In my younger days, a friend and I went fishing. In the mud by the lake he found a rusted old pocket knife, the blade was broken. The knife said Craftsman on it. He walked out of Sears with a brand new newer version of that pocket knife. They still sell Craftsman products at Home Depot. Shame many of these companies buy out other companies that are going belly up. When they do, they both go down the drain. The good thing, there are still a bunch of good companies out in this world that still honor their products.

:slight_smile: Great minds… I bought a $20 box of “tools” from the State Surplus store, things that were collected from stadiums/airports etc. It had enough tools in it to equip 5 of my jalopies with plyers/screwdrivers/crescent wrenches etc. But it also had a craftsman multi tool with a damaged (Missing outer handle shell) handle. I went straight to Sears after spending $20 at the surplus and walked out of Sears with this for a free replacement of the damaged tool:

I will miss having a Sears store local, and when Craftsman tools were all made in US they were quality tools they stood behind, and why I bought them, and wanted to get a set for my daughter.

Republic has always done me right, quality phones/service for the price, and why I’m still here. I’ll test the quality of service with the new plans, and if it is as good as what we currently have I’ll switch my other RWs to the new plans eventually as well.


One man can ruin 2 companies whilst in the process selling off their brands to competitors…

Both companies are still very much alive, sort of. No more brick and mortar stores, no. You can however shop online with them as of now. In the near future I do see JCPenney going belly up, nothing but bad decisions, one after the other with them. And another oldie but goodie Walgreens. A handful of Game Stops near me already boarded up and called it quits. I do believe Macy’s is hanging on by a thread as well. I work downtown NYC and I was shocked to see a store called Century21 closed. Another favorite of mine especially near the holidays was J&R, gone. Very sad that many of the stores I used to shop at are gone. I literally have 3 Walmart’s by me, 2 of them are Super Centers! Oh, they built a mall in the Jersey Meadow lands called the American Dream mall , feel free to Google it. Years and years of red tape. It’s also sinking in the Jersey swamp. It’s VERY difficult to get to due to its lousy location as well.

Alive but on full life support. How many folks actually shop on their websites though? I never hear anything about their ecommerce numbers.