Conversion to 3.0 Nexus 6P Successful!

Purchased a Nexus 6P from Best Buy (on sale now) and just completed the swap from my Moto-X (2nd Gen) to the Nexus. The conversion went very smoothly, although I did have to restart the phone several times after I received the “your phone is activated” message before it was truly activated. Still, a very simple conversion.

I was also elated to see that I have full bars of LTE GSM coverage at my home. Hopefully that will hold true as I venture out and about, but right here it’s looking good.

So, my initial impressions on the activation, coverage, and phone are good. I absolutely love the screen size and thinness of the 6P. And the fingerprint sensor is awesome! What a slick way to give easy, but secure, protection to the phone. Response is nearly instant as soon as you touch the sensor, and it doesn’t even matter how your fingertip is oriented when you touch the sensor. Really slick!

Loving it so far…


That’s great to hear @fisher99 , thanks for the feedback!. Keep us posted.


Yes, I got the 32 GB phone. My previous Moto-X was 16 GB and that was adequate, so I should be fine with 32 GB.

By the way, I am absolutely loving this phone! Large, bright screen. Thin case. Solid feel. Fast and accurate finger print reader (which may be one of the best features of this phone!).

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