Convert and Consolidate two phones on My Choice 4.0 plan to a Newer Unlimited Plan

I’m a little frustrated with how difficult the Republic site is to work around. Here is some background information:

  1. I have four phones on a MyChoice+1GB plan. Let’s call these phones, A, B, C, and D.

  2. I’ve purchased a new phone (to replace phone A), and I would like to activate it. Unfortunately, I’m being told by the site that I can’t activate the new phone under my current plan.

  3. Given that, I would like to take my new phone (A) and another phone (B) and convert them over to one of the new $60 plans for 2 phones with unlimited data. At this time I would like to leave phones C and D on the old MyChoice plan.

QUESTION: Given that information, I have two questions:

  1. How do convert two of my phones to one of the new plans?
  2. Also, is there a way to activate the new phone I just purchased on the MyChoice+1GB plan for the time being without opening a new account?

Thank you.

You will:

  1. Go to the online store. Do NOT sign in to your current phone account.
  2. Select a new 2-line plan in the online store and add it to the shopping care.
  3. During checkout, you will create a NEW account using an email address that is not connected to another Republic account.
  4. Once you receive the new SIM cards, sign in to the new account you created when ordering the phone and plan.
  5. Follow the instructions here to activate the plans and move your numbers for the 2 selected lines to the new plan/phone:

What model is Phone A? And, what model is the phone that is replacing it?

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Thank you for the quick reply.

Phone A is a Moto G5S Plus, and it is being replaced by a Samsung S21.

Follow-up: I’ve continued to read through the site, and I noticed a procedure for activating a new phone while keeping my old plan:

I’ve checked through the app and confirmed that both phones are GSM, not CDMA.

QUESTION: Can I just move the SIM card from the old phone to the new phone (following the procedure at that link) to keep the new phone under my old plan? That would be ideal.

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You can indeed!

Edited to add: Wasn’t tuning in to the fact that that this phone was purchased in the online store when I responded earlier. As Southpaw notes below, that phone can only be activated on the 5.0 plan. If you purchase the same model unlocked phone elsewhere, you could then move the SIM card from the old phone (and then later move the phone to the new plans).

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One more follow-up: I see in that link that step 2 says the following:

  1. Purchase a legacy 3.0 supported phone from a third party
    Note: Phones purchased from our online store will activate with our 5.0 plans only.

I purchased the new Samsung S21 from Republic Wireless, and it arrived two days ago. Does the emboldened note there mean that the S21 cannot receive the old SIM card? Or does it just mean that I can’t activate it on the old plan using the new SIM card they sent to me?

Hi @fearlessrogues,

The S21 purchased from our online store after 12/16/21 cannot use our My Choice SIM card. It can be activated only on our 5.0 plan, and only with a 5.0 SIM card.


This is extremely helpful.

So, I’m looking over the procedure that andreas posted above, and it mentions that I will receive new SIM cards.

The new S21 phone I purchased came with a SIM Card. If I set up a new account, do I need to wait to get another set of SIM cards, or can I activate the new phone using the SIM card that I just received?

You can use the SIM card/s you have already received and proceed with the activation. You do not have to wait to receive the new ones.

(Note: If you did NOT order the phone through a new account initially, you will have to order/reorder the plan while signed in to the NEW account, and then activate the SIM card when signed in to that account: How to Activate 5.0 SIM Cards That Were Bought On an Existing Legacy (Including My Choice) Account – Republic Help.)

OK. Again, that’s helpful.

My S20 (phone B) that I want to add onto the account was purchased from Republic Wireless in the last few years. Is there a way to tell whether my existing SIM card on phone B is compatible with the new plans?

EDIT: The ICCID on phone B’s card begins with 89012

The ONLY SIM cards that can be used with the NEW plans are the ones that became available in the online store once it reopened on December 14th.

Older SIM cards in unlocked phones only work for the My Choice plan.

Fantastic. This gives me a good start.

One more question, then I’ll get out of your hair.

If I want to (eventually) get all of the phones over to the new plans, I’m assuming I can systematically move them from the old account to the new account in the same way… Once that’s done, I can close out the old account, and then change my e-mail address on the new account to match the old one?

It’s a little frustrating that I have to create a new e-mail address to make this switch, and I would like to be able to eventually get it back under the original address.

With four phones, you will eventually end up with having to have two accounts, anyway (there is a maximum of 2 lines per account with the new plans).

So, that frustration will continue no matter what, I’m afraid.

I you use Gmail, you may find the tips here to be helpful: Send/Reply Email from a Gmail Alias

Wait, are you saying that I can’t have 4 phones on a single account? I’ll have to have two separate accounts with two separate e-mail addresses to have 4 phones?

That is correct. For 5.0 plans, the cap is 2 phones per account.

Honestly, that’s probably going to be a deal breaker for me. I’ve been with Republic for years now, and I don’t mind creating a new account in order to transition to a new structure, but I’m not interested in continuing to use Republic if it means that I have to log into multiple accounts just to pay my bill.

QUESTION: Is there any plan in place to address this? That is, will it be possible to consolidate more than two phones into a single account in the near future?

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You are not alone in the opinion the two-line per account cap is a sub-optimal customer experience. Republic is aware of the feedback and I’m confident will take such feedback into consideration for the future. That said, there are no known plans to alter the cap in the short-term.

Hi @fearlessrogues,

Thanks for your feedback about the two-line limit on 5.0 accounts.

Your payment will continue to be automatically charged to the credit card on file. You would not have to log into two accounts every month to pay your bill.

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