Converting a friends RW phone to my existing RW number and account


A friend gave me his Moto Z Play that was activated with RW under his number and account. It has now been deactivated from his account. Now I want to replace my Moto G with this phone. What’s the best way to go about doing this. Should I do a factory reset? I have a separate RW SIM card that I could insert. I also think it’s waiting to install Android N. Any suggestions?


Yes, factory reset the phone, install a new SIM card (you can buy that from Amazon or RW) and activate it as a replacement for your present phone. Be aware that this will switch your carrier from Sprint to T-Mobile. If T-Mobile won’t work for you open a service ticket and ask RW to set you up with a CDMA SIM. They will need the phone’s serial number.


The Moto Z Play is a GSM only phone. There is no possibility of CDMA coverage with that phone.