Convince me to stay!


I’ve been with RW since August 2012, eventually moving from the Defy XT to a 2nd gen Moto X. February 2015, I added my better half with a 1st gen Moto X. We’re still using our Moto X phones. Batteries are original and it shows. We have voice and text (no data except by WiFi). Last year, I started to look at other phones. I’m interested in several phones, including some with no RW support, like the OnePlus 5T. Naturally, part of the consideration is service provider. I’ve mostly enjoyed the ride with RW, albeit with the occasional bump. However, I’m looking long and hard at Mint SIM. We’ve been interested in switching to the T-Mobile network anyway, and Mint supports (allows?) many more phones. For about $4-5 more per month (total) than our combined current RW plans, we could have that little bit-o-data (unlimited, but 2GB/mo of 4G LTE) we’d like. If we replace our phones and stay with RW, we would probably move to a 4.0 plan. At that point, it looks like we’d be further ahead with Mint (talk+text+data) than RW talk+text for basically the same cost. Do upgraded beta members still get a discount? Work and home have good T-Mobile coverage, so I think we’d have fewer glitchy calls (seems mostly related to WiFi).


Never mind my question about beta member discount. Got my answer here (yes).


Hi @ronaldn

I think that you are the only one who can convince yourself to stay or leave :wink: . Republic does have Anywhere inlcuded (which is a great addition) as well as included hotspot. Republic’s bonded calling is also better than any WiFi calling with Mintsim. WiFi calling with Mintsim is only supported on certain phones so keep that in mind. Mintsim also makes you pay for multiple months in advance so if it ends up being junk, you are sunk. I have seen a few posts from people switching back from Mintsim (after they left). Here’s a few: Do I need new sim card to switch back to RW if I still have my old one? and Why I Left... and Why I Came Back .

Just out or curiosity, did you also post over on Reddit?



I’ve been around since the beta waves. Started with the Defy XT. While it was generally OK for WiFi calling, it certainly had it’s moments where it would drop calls and overall it was not a very good phone.

I then jumped on the Moto E when Republic was trying to dump them for $50. It was mostly OK with WiFi calling as well, but again it still had its issues. That was until around the time bonded calling was announced, then WiFi calling became a major problem. I would get the most horrible sounds blaring in my ear when I was on a phone call and had all kinds of issues. I do not know if bonded calling was the actual cause but I do know I wasn’t the only one who had problems with WiFi calling on the Moto E around that time. I started looking in to Mint Sim, but their immature marketing kept me away and I ended up getting (winning) the Huawei Ascend 5W Black Friday deal so I stayed.

Wifi calling on the Ascend 5w was amazing at first (sound quality was out of this world), but soon WiFi calling completely stopped working at all. I could sometimes get it to work again for a few calls but it was a pain to do so and always quit working on me again. This led me to the Moto X4

So far the Moto X4 has been amazing. Far and away the best WiFi calling experience I have had on Republic Wireless. It has been flawless for me so far, though we will see if it lasts. Based on what I’ve read, the latest generation of Motorola phones seem to work very well with WiFi calling and I do think Republic Wireless is more trustworthy than other value providers. They have also stabilized their plans so I feel like I know what to expect (the years of new plans with every generation of phones seem to be over, thank goodness). It’s been fun watching RW grow up.


I recently did a review of my experience trying out Mintsim. Here is a link: Mintsim review

A couple of points:

If you have been getting by with no cell data, you may not feel the need for more than the 1 GB you get with RW. Another benefit with Mint is free international calling and cell talk, text and data when abroad (you pay for how much you use). If you won’t use those features, then the main benefit of Mint is a small difference in Price. Republic has Anywhere and this vibrant community. Also, RW includes roaming outside of their CDMA or GSM partners areas, Mint doesn’t include roaming in the U.S.

I would suggest that you get a phone that works with wifi calling on both carriers. The Moto G5+ is a great choice a a very reasonable price. I can confirm that the wifi calling works well with the G5+ on both services. That way you could try one (maybe RW because they are truly month to month) , then switch easily if you choose later.

By the way, I found Mint’s wifi calling to be excellent with my home wifi. RW’s bonded calling may help with a marginal signal but I couldn’t compare that.

I recently noticed that Mint is adding services and customer support. They started their own forum about 3 weeks ago and added international data around the same time. Their forum is not very active yet but staff answer questions quickly. So, like RW, they seem to be trying to serve the customer.

Remember, if you port your number to Mint and then switch back to RW you won’t get your Beta discount back.


Thanks for the helpful comparison :slight_smile: .


Hi @ronaldn,

Just for the record, not my favorite topic to see new in Community when I glance down at my phone. :scream_cat:

We appreciate that. :green_heart:

We appreciate that, too. :green_heart:

What features of that phone make it particularly interesting to you?

Did you know that we have more than one cellular carrier partner, now? (Not that you could use both, but if coverage on one is not good, we can often move you to the other, dependent on phone compatibility.


This would be the big one for me. T-Mobile has done a good job expanding coverage, but not good enough to where I would want to be without any roaming voice coverage.


Sometimes the best “convincer” is when you try another carrier. This might show you more of the value of the services you’ve been receiving from Republic Wireless over the years.


Last fall we upgraded to the Moto G5+ which works on either carrier. Not sure which carrier was “better” we decided to put one phone on each (GSM and CDMA.) The 4.0 plans add 1GB of cell data for only $5 more, though we only use a fraction of that. We found that when traveling, if one of us doesn’t have coverage, the other phone usually does, and can become a Wi-Fi hotspot for the phone without coverage. Plus, the Wi-Fi first calling gives us coverage in places (like my basement) that don’t have any cell coverage. I don’t think we’d have these capabilities with too many other providers. Besides, we really like Republic, and have no reason to leave.


Good reminder, and only fair.


Sorry about that! :hugs:

One key feature is its camera. I’m not a pro, but definitely an enthusiast/amateur. I shoot almost daily. Since we mostly leave our high-end amateur / low-end pro, digital point-and-shoot at home, this is significant. Like our point-and-shoot, the 5T does raw, which I would enjoy. See some sample pics taken with the 5T. The CPU (Snapdragon 835), RAM (6 or 8 GB) and storage (64GB or 128GB) features are excellent, too. Cost is fairly reasonable too, with respect to comparably specced phones.
Oh, and yes, I understand it can call, text and email, too. Imagine that! :yum: I have seen some reports of iffy or just OK call/audio, so I’ll keep an eye on that in making a decision.

Oh, definitely! If we stay with RW and replace our phones, we would plan to switch partners.

Thanks much for the response!


Just as reference, while the 5T does have a good camera, there are plenty of phones that work with Republic that have cameras that are as good or better (according to sources like DxOMark).

The Galaxy S9+ has the best camera ever rated for a cell phone. The Pixel 2 is a close second. The Pixel is in the top 10. The Moto G5s+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8/S8+ are all in the top 25.


I am getting lured to go to TELLO Mobile. Sprint network.


Just understand that Tello has no roaming coverage, and you will need a Sprint compatible phone. MMS messages will be charged from your Tello plan’s data balance.


For me that’s a killer. Sprint without roaming coverage is just a no go. Their native coverage just isn’t good enough in the areas where I find myself.


Republic’s coverage just sucks


Republic’s coverage is identical to the underlying carrier’s customers get. If you think Republic’s coverage “sucks” then you believe the same about two of the 4 big national carriers.


Can you define sucks with a zip code and what phone & plan you have right now??


Hi @gmango85,

We have two cellular partners. If you’re not satisfied with the coverage you’re receiving, please open a support ticket and let’s see if a different SIM card would improve the situation. Please let me know if you need me to open that support ticket on your behalf.