Convince me to stay!


Prices listed for 3-month plans are introductory prices only and only applies to the first 3 months of service. After that, pricing reverts to the regular listed price. New activation is required. Prices subject to change. On all Mint plans, data throughput may be limited to manage network performance. Mint service is subject to the Mint Terms and Conditions.

That price after three months looks like $23. That’s actually a little more than RW.


You can stay at the Mint introductory price if you pay for a year at a time.


The OnePlus 6 & 6T are ranked much much higher than the S9 & S9+, you can get a OnePlus 6 for $429 or a S9 for $719, hmm…no brainer for me. I’m really considering the switch to Mint. The link below is the Benchmark.


Unless you’re trying to mine bitcoin on your phone there’s much more to the phone experience than an Antutu score. Most users never tax the processor and for them processor scores are utterly meaningless. I’ve owned multiple Samsungs since the S2, multiple OnePlus starting with the One, multiple LG phones, multiple Nexus phones, the Essential Phone, many Motorolas, there’s no one “best” phone and certainly CPU scores never factored in to the experience.

As an example, my wife and oldest son love the Samsung interface and wouldn’t consider a non-Samsung phone because they like things like Samsung Pay and the way Samsung phones “feel”. My other son just wants something that will be quickly updated and went from a Nexus 5X to the Essential Phone.

Every use case is different, but I honestly can’t think of a use case where the Antutu score matters.


Dear Republic Wireless,

Our relationship is going on a great 7 years. Thank you for being disruptive and keeping it interesting! It’s been a good run, but I’m “seeing someone else”, so this is the end of the road, at least for now. No hard feelings and the best of wishes to you. I’ll likely check back once in a while.

Signing off.