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My son says his Samsung phone can somehow help him with his Roku tv. I need a new phone and we just got a Roku style TV. Can Motorolas do what Jesse’s Samsung can do? Or should I just get a Samsung (32) even though it can’t store as much as the Moto (64)?

We would need to know more about what your son is trying to do with his Roku. The only think I can think of is trying to cast from the phone to the Roku. In that case Google and Moto phones don’t really cast to Roku’s because they don’t support Miracast and Roku’s don’t support Chromecast. Samsung devices support Miracast and therefore will cast to Roku devices.

If that isn’t what your son needs to do, you’ll need to share more info.

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If I understand what’s at issue correctly, one can use their Moto phone to work with their Roku TV. I use my Moto G Power to control all my Roku devices.

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