CopperheadOS or other Hardened OS with Republic

Hello all,

I’ve read the various custom ROM threads and know that Republic does not offer any support whatsoever for custom ROMS, not a problem there.

I’ve seen various people report success with CyanogenMod on Nexus devices and was wondering if anyone has played around with CopperheadOS CopperheadOS - Secure Android on their Nexus and had success with it working with Republic?

I was looking for something more secure than what stock android offers and so far CopperheadOS seems to be the best, or near the top for options, but I’m open to other suggestions. The biggest caveat is trying to find something that will work with Republic.


Republic supports specific models with specific builds. They have certified each of these to work with their service. There is nothing an outsider can do to circumvent this process other than modifying a phone that presently will not work to a model/build that has been certified.

If I understand correctly you’re saying that only the specific model and specific build will work with Republic and nothing else will?

That was kind of the way I understood things too before and had not bothered even messing with ROMs on my Republic Phone as it didn’t seem possible. However after reading the other Custom ROMs thread there were reports of users with CyanogenMod on various devices (Moto X Pure, Nexus 6P) and that they had those devices working with those custom ROMs and were activated on Republic.

It seemed like Android 6.0 was a no go for those that offered their results, but 7.0 seemed to be working on various devices with CyanogenMod. After seeing this I wondered if anyone else had tested anything like CopperheadOS or similar and had results. I assumed they probably wouldn’t work, but after seeing that CyanogenMod works apparently, I guess maybe there is a glimmer of hope.


There are indeed reports of some folks successfully using alternative ROMs. Generally, I believe these were on supported 3.0 phones activated on Republic’s service prior to installation of the custom ROM. Republic’s position on Rooting and User Modification (as I understand it) is they won’t stop you. Support may be disclaimed for either a non-working phone or service issues, so long as the custom ROM is installed. If installation of the custom ROM is deemed to be for purposes of abusing the network (not saying that’s your intent) service may be terminated. Generally, Republic is good about providing a warning prior to service termination.

Thanks! That all makes sense. I would definitely not expect Republic to offer any kind of support for any other than the stock ROM that they’ve qualified the phone with, no problem there.

Pretty much my only interest in pursuing using CopperheadOS was for the better security over stock Android. Trying to find something more secure from exploits, vulnerabilities, etc. And CopperheadOS seemed like a good choice. Getting it to work with Republic in an unknown of course, but I thought giving it a shot and seeing what happened might be worth it.

I don’t typically suggest installing alternative ROMs to the average user. If, however, one is prepared to accept the responsibility for doing so without expectation of support as well as being both willing and able to reverse the process if needed, I don’t see the harm in trying.

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