Copy Republic Anywhere Conversation to PC

I have a Republic Anywhere Conversation I would like to transfer from my Moto 5S phone via USB to my PC?
Is there a reference or link available showing me how to do this? I do not know where on the android file directories where this information is stored.

Hi @kenthomas1975,

I’m sorry to see that no one replied to your question!

Text messages, whether on Anywhere or other texting applications are not stored on the phone in a way that’s easy to move to a computer and read there.

There are apps in the Play Store that will allow you to back up your text messages, but they would then need to be restored on another Android phone to be read.

However, if you install Republic Anywhere on the computer, you can then copy and paste the conversation into a notepad or document.

Hi southpaw,

I had not realized the versatility of the Republic Anywhere app. I used it to extract and save the text messages from a number of conversations. Being able to copy paste the messages into Microsoft word and see the difference text messagess via background colors was very useful. The Republic Anywhere app was the easiest method, plus the times of each message were also included.



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