Copying music file to phone and then accessing file from phone


First off, my phone is not detected by the computer when the phone is in MTP connection mode. The computer tells me the phone is not configured correctly. (It will connect in camera PTP mode.) I need advice about the proper settings to get the computer to connect to the phone to transfer the file.

Second, once I have copied the file to the phone, how do I access the music file?

The phone is a Moto G3. Thanks!


Hi @phyllisc.deunpm,

I’m so sorry to see your question has gone unanswered! Have you been able to get the computer to recognize the phone? If not, is there anything more you could tell us to help troubleshoot? Have you tried a different cable? A different computer?


No I have not yet solved my problem. The computer says the phone settings are not correct, but I have no idea what the settings should be.


What operating system and what version are you using on your computer? (for example, Windows 10)

Has this ever worked for you or are you trying this for the first time?

Would you consider using a cloud service to transfer the file? Personally, I gave up on moving file from my computer to my phone a long time ago. I uploaded them to cloud services and then downloaded them from there. I currently use Google Play Music and have several of my playlists downloaded so I can play them offline.


I am using Windows 8. I have found using Google Play music just as confusing. I cannot figure out how to put a sound file from my computer into the Google Play Music… Derp.


You may need to install Motorola Device Manager on your computer:,4222

Here is the Google Play Music Help on transferring music from a computer to your phone or tablet:


Google Play will not upload the file I want to save and Sound Cloud uploads the file but wants a paid subscription to access it offline. I am posting in order to keep this thread alive. :slight_smile: What does Motorola device manager do?


Motorola Device Manager contains USB drivers and software to connect your Motorola phone or tablet to your computer using a USB cable.

You also might try transferring the file through Google Drive.

If you can get the file to the phone, you might need a third party player like VLC media player to play it.


I have a Moto G4 but I’m guessing it should work the same as a G3. When I connect the phone to my desktop via a USB cable, I can pull down the menu from the top. A notification appears that says: “USB charging this device. Tap for more options.” When you tap, 4 options appear. One of them is “Transfer Files”.

Does your G3 do this? If so, I can help further. If not, someone else will have to help get you to this stage.


I do have that option, but the computer will not recognize the phone. The computer trouble shooter says the phone is not configured correctly…


Hi @phyllisc.deunpm,

I don’t have a Windows 8 computer to test a Moto G 3rd Gen on, so I can’t try to reproduce what you’re seeing there and figure it out.

Does your computer have a SD card reader?


Windows 8…never had the best luck with that version of Windows. Especially if its 8.0 and not 8.1.
I would try on a different computer that has Windows 10. Also, a different usb cable and port.
Be sure u change the phone from Charging mode to transfer Files mode.

Also, I read about an update recently pushed out to some Moto phones that broke USB support, but I am pretty sure that is not for your model.

U could also install a File Manager app that allows u to acces the phones sd card via wifi. Asus File manager has this feature built in. Or, for some thing far more feature rich and powerful, AirDroid.

Though, I personally, just put whatever file I want to send to my phone on my Google Drive, then download the file via the Drive app on the phone. (u can use other services like DropBox, OneDrive, etc too.) Then u can use the built in file manager app to move the file from the Download folder to where ever u want on the phone it self.


Has anyone tried transferring a file via bluetooth?


By the way, the reason I am so hung up on transferring this file is that it is an audio of a short workout that I want to take on vacation with me. Anything else I would just sing a capella and be done with it!


I haven’t, because Google Drive works so well. Just open on your computers internet browser and upload the file. On your phone open the Google Drive app and download the file to your phone.

Instructions are at if you get hung up.


Okay - the file is in my phone via Google drive. What app is recommended for playing the file offline? Google Play wants a subscription.


VLC for android - will that work???


Sweet success! Google drive and VLC media player did the job. Thanks everyone for your help.


Thanks for the feedback. Upgrading your computer from Windows 8 to Windows 10 can take a few (several, actually) but is worthwhile. The last time I did this about 6 weeks ago it was still possible to do this free of charge.


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