Cost of usage based on type of phone

Glasskey68 here: I am wondering how you find out what the monthly charge is for basic coverage, depending on which phone you use. I ask this because there seems to be different prices for different phones.

Hi @garyc.tvz8mb and welcome to the Community (at least using your alter ego)!

All newer Republic phones sold since 2016 use Republic’s My Choice plans.

Older legacy Republic phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) use grandfathered plans. These phones may still be activated using Republic’s grandfathered refund plans described here: What Are Republic Refund (2.0) Plans? – Republic Help. None of these phones are available new (the newest was last manufactured in 2015) and sourcing them previously used via the secondary market is getting increasingly difficult.

So, is the question regarding the cost of service for a new phone? Or, are you inquiring about already activated phones?

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