Cost to port number from Ting to Republic Wireless

How much does it cost to port a phone number? I can not find any reliable information about this. Thank you!

It costs precisely $0.00 as far as Republic is concerned. I can’t comment if the other company is going to charge you anything.


I’m able to comment on Ting from experience. There is no charge to port a number from from Ting.


Thanks! I never wanted Ting I just became a member when TPO shut its US doors.

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Hi @littlenugget10,

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Not only is there no fee to port a number into Republic, we’re currently running a special where if you activate a new line of service between 7/1/2019 and 8/31/2019 and port your number in, we’ll give you a month of free service after the port is complete.

So maybe the correct answer should be that it costs negative $20 to port to Republic.

Here’s a link to the promotion.


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