Costco Offer for Moto G6 Unlocked- Will It Work With Republic?


Costco will have a Moto G6 Unlocked (Item #1262186 Model XT1925) on Black Friday Special Nov. 16-26 at $189.00

My wife has an old 1st gen Moto X that I’d like to upgrade for Christmas. I don’t believe she’s on a “My Choice” plan. I’d like to surprise her for Christmas. As the Costco phone is advertised as “Unlocked For All Major Carriers”, would this phone work with the Republic program? Thank you.

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According to the Supported Phones List, only this model Moto G6 is supported

So if it is the “-6” model that Costco sells, then yes, it would be compatible with R.W.

Also, see this:


Thank you Cheets. The Costco model is XT1925. Not a XT1925 - 6 Think that would make a difference? Obviously I won’t have the phone in hand until late Nov.


If you buy phone from Costco…you will also need a SIM card from RW for activation.
Bring your own phone (BYOP) activation only supports GSM SIM. So your coverage will be different compared to what you are used to on your Moto X1. If you find the new coverage unsatisfactory and would like to restore the coverage to CDMA coverage (same coverage as your X1) you will need to open a ticket and have support send you a CDMA SIM card.
See here for My Choice plan details as it is different from the 1.0 or 2.0 plan on the existing X1.


I honestly do not know what the “-#” distinguishes for Moto phone models. I think they all have them??

Someone who knows more about Moto phones could chime in.


For this phone the -# are the different variants [the 6 is unlocked North American, the 5 is European, 3 is Brazil, , 2 is a South America dual SIM, I didn’t find a 1 or 4 but they are either other regions or carrier versions]


Bottom line, yes, the version sold at Costco is the compatible version.


Wow, that’s GREAT news. I had a service ticket opened, hoping to speak to a Republic Tech Rep. Got a reply saying that the Costco model, if not indicating “6” after the model #XT1925, would not work on Republic. I’ll still get up to Costco and quiz the phone guys/gals working the cell phone booth. I’m guessing, and hoping, Costco just left out the #6 designation on their ad. Thanks SO MUCH for the help drm and cheets.


To be clear, I am referring to this phone: and I’m 100% certain as I’ve held it in my hand at the local Costco and looked at the SKU in the phone settings myself.


Yep, that’s it. Model 1925.


It’s the correct version.

Costco Phone will work?

Looks like it will work. We got the 64GB with 4 GB RAM Amazon version for $279 for my sister- It’s a surprisingly nice phone, and all it took was moving the old SIM from her old phone (a G4+ from three years ago). With the SIM transfer, it instantly transferred her account and activated. It was really easy!


If Motorola is discounting it thru COSTCO , then perhaps it will be discounted on the Republic Wireless site as well . I intend to wait and see . This way the activation will be seamless .


different outlets can and do have different promotions, Costco could be the one discounting the phone over what Motorola wants (Republic has had sales at times others did not also)


Agreed, it is a significant savings thru COSTCO , but I do not want any issues with activation . I intend on keeping my existing # and am not sure how that will work out as it is with another carrier . My current carrier is PURE TALk and they are OK for the most part . I feel REPUBLIC is a better way and so I am changing , I am overseas a lot and the WIFI will work like a regular call , I think this is a big plus for REPUBLIC .


Number transfers in to Republic happen the same if BYOD or direct purchase, the phone needs to be activated first either way and once activated one can start the process to transfer


Only difference would be…you have to order SIM cards from Republic if you BYOD? I’d assume the phones would already have the SIM card installed if ordering from Republic.


If not install the it would be in the box if ordered from Republic [though it should be installed]
The other advantage of ordering from is that if CDMA has better coverage you may get a CDMA SIM where BYOD is GSM [though if the phone is capable of CDMA republic can send out a CDMA SIM card after the phone is activated on GSM by just open a ticket]


Not likely, if past history holds true. I got my G5 Plus thru Costco like this, last year. RW never was competitive.


Costco pricing is effective Nov. 16-26.