Could not receive text from bank

I recently had an experience at Costco while making a large dollar purchase. I was using my Visa debit card and was told by the cashier I needed to call the card issuer. I called the bank and was told I had exceeded the dollar limit. The bank approved the amount needed but I needed to reply to the text the bank was sending me. Proof of ID. I never received the text. They sent it twice more. never received the text. The bank told me to text them at 93557 I did. they did not receive the text. I paid by other means and left.

I do not believe I was on WiFi in Costco. I had never set up the phone for Costco. I was probably on cell.

When I got home I called the bank and went over the problem again with them . They said they would try to text me again and the text would be coming from 93577. The text never arrived.

Does republic not permit text from 5 digit numbers?

Are text from bank and other business that are using normal 10 digit phone number being blocked by the spam blockers in republic?

Are texts from normal numbers 10 digits being blocked if the sender has there number unavailable?

Republic doesn’t block any, but some financial institutions won’t text Republic numbers. In this case 93557 is Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo has recently instituted a policy where they will not send texts to smaller carriers like Republic. More info here:

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I this policy with all the banks or just Wells Fargo?

What if I give the bank my phones Sprint phone number? Or does me phone no longer has a sprint number?

Not all banks. That being said Wells Fargo isn’t alone. Apps like Zelle and Venmo also refuse Republic numbers.

It still has an underlying number but they no longer work to receive texts, so it wouldn’t help.

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What is the reasoning behind only texting to numbers associated with a major carrier?

Other than complaining to the business is there a way around this problem?

They will claim it is a security issue they’re solving because the big carriers run credit checks and verify identities, but frankly, none of that makes any sense because they’ll text AT&T pre-paid, which does none of those things. As far as a workaround, there are a couple of pieces of member created content that address exactly that:

Alternative Bank Authentication Methods and Work Around for Wells Fargo Access Code

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