Could someone with a Moto G4 post the default APN settings?

So I was going around a bit and went to

Settings–>more–>Cellular Networks–>Access Point Names

There were two entries, both for Republic Wireless. I hit the option for Reset to Default and it got rid of them and replaced them with four options for T-Mobile. I’d like to put it back to the RW settings, so could someone who has not messed with this tell me what settings they have there?

So far things seem to be working anyway, but I’d like not to screw up my phone. Thanks!

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Hi @michaeld.hxq2u1,

I do not a have a Moto G4 (Moto X Pure for me). however, uninstalling then reinstalling Republic’s 3.0 app should restore the Republic APNs.

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I just verified (not that I had any doubts : ) the results that @rolandh suggested (also on the X Pure)

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Trust but verify guy, eh?

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Simple power off/on reboot will restore the APN settings as well.

Good fix and you’re 1 up on @rolandh and @jben ****

  • lt is a computer after all … so the 1st defense still is ‘note any available errors/notifications and then reboot’
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