Couldn't answer ringing phone, now can't update apps

All the way to Chicago (250 miles) on I-80 I could send/receive texts but could not answer the phone. Phone rings but none of the callers could hear me. Close to home it started to work!!! At leastt thought I should start by updating the app on my device.
That’s is the issue now. Before updating it wants to free up space. When I click on continue it is going to delete an app that I want! I don’t want to click on Remove so I click on back and here we go again. a never ending …deal.
BTW, another problem is the phone quite often decides to “■■■■” dial someone. Generally the last person I texted. Any help on any of this???


Thank you Jben, I have a Moto E 5 play. GSM network.


Thanks and this was traveling I80 to Chicago from where (zipcode only please)


A check of T-Mobile’s coverage map indicates you should have had coverage, although the color scheme makes it hard to tell how good it might be, however here is a quote from that same source

Within coverage areas, network changes, traffic volume, outages, technical limitations, signal strength, your equipment, obstructions, weather and other conditions may interfere with service quality and availability.

A lot of the recent GSM coverage was deployed using the 600MHz frequency (band 71). The Moto E5 Play is incapable of using 600MHz band 71.

With regard to updating apps, the Moto E5 Play only has 16GB of internal storage. Most of that is likely taken up by system applications that can’t be removed. 16GB of storage is just barely adequate in 2021. You might be able to increase storage space by using a microSD card and formatting it as internal storage:

Alternately, you might consider updating to a newer phone. The new Moto E has twice the storage of the Moto E5 Play and supports 600MHz band 71.


thanks a bunch. I probably should get a new phone.!!

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  • In time and use, all of the phones become what their manufactures might describe as ‘exceptional’ … you can do this except when you’re doing that!
  • To help extend the life of a phone some or all of these measures may help
    • Remove unused apps
    • Clear Cache (System & Apps)
    • Add an SD Card


If I get a new phone can I keep the same plan?


Yes. You’ll activate the new device as a replacement, and the plan and phone number will carry over to the new device.

Thanks a bunch.

Thanks for your help.
How about the Moto G Power phone? Can I get that with 64 gig of memory?
Does it support the 600 MHz?



You can bring a Moto G Power 64GB version (Model XT2117-4 or XT2041-4) to Republic Wireless. Both models support 600MHz band 71.

Motorola is having a sale on the XT2041-4 model:

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