Counting MBs toward GBs

my phone says I’ve only used 155 MBs, started the month with 2.0GB. Phone also shows I have 1.8 GB left.
I am new to this and confused. Shouldn’t I have 1.9 plus GB left?

Hi @gerardm.xcimto,

The Republic app is simply rounding. 155 MBs is closer to 200 MBs than 100 MBs, hence 1.8 GB rather than 1.9 GB.

To make this further confusing 1 GB actually equals 1024 MB, so you’re starting with 2048 MB. 2048 MB - 155 MB should leave you with 1893 MB to go.

Bottom line, at the rate you seem to be using cell data, I don’t foresee you’ll max out your 2 GB. If more detail is desired, please open the Republic app on your phone and quote, for us, the words underneath your phone number describing your current plan and the date of your next bill date.


Never one to argue with @rolandh (because he’s usually 100% spot on) … but
I just looked at my Moto X Pure which has used 51.2 MB of my 1 GB plan and the RW App now shows 972 MB left

Here is what I see in the RW App

So I would ask:
Are you using the RW App and not the built-in Android Setting/Data usage?

What you see is the difference in the way the Republic app reports use with a 1GB plan vs. a 2GB plan. With a 1 GB plan, it reports in MBs. Not so, with a 2GB plan as verified on Republic phones in my household with 1 GB and 2 GB plans.

Moto E4+ on 1GB plan:


Alcatel A30 on 2GB plan:



And that is my learning opportunity for the day … good to know :grinning: and why I don’t argue with you!!


The data reading resolution on a 2GB plan should change to MB once below 1GB. Not a plan difference but data left dependent?

thanks to all for the info.

I misjudged MBs and GBs. I mistakenly thought it was 10,000 MBs in one GB, realize now it is 1,000 MBs per 1 GB
rookie mistake on my part!
this is one responsive community, thank you!

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