Coupon code Fail


Just joined RW & tried to use Coupon code from

RW Chat support said, “No relevant RW arrangement with GivingAssistant - so coupon offer is Not valid”.

Kinda curious, however, Code Rejection that popped-up was: “This one-time Code has already been used

Not: “Invalid” or “Rejected”.

To a RW newbie … just seems a bit odd!

Insights, anyone?

Moderator’s note: Link to coupon website removed since the coupons are not valid anyway.


Over the years I’ve found numerous coupon codes on sites like this that don’t work. From time-to-time RW support issues a coupon code to someone who is getting a replacement phone however in your case this is where you want to look:

Special Offers and Promotions


These sites generate traffic by posting coupon codes that in many cases, just don’t work. In this case, it appears to be a code that was issued to someone for one-time use and then the site tries to traffic in it.


Note the following statement taken from the very bottom of the referenced website (as the link is not to

Giving Assistant, Inc. is a Delaware corporation that links its users to publicly available coupons in the marketplace. Giving Assistant is not affiliated with or endorsed by Republic Wireless.


Hi @jerrys.nciosx,

The error message you received is pretty straightforward. The coupon you had hoped to use was a one-time use coupon, and someone has already used it. The website you linked to is not an official outlet for discounts from us.

Our valid promotions are listed here: Special Offers and Promotions

What phone were you hoping to buy?


Thought my coupon code was good for 12/20. 43B4E1CD830F8EC085ECEE24B0932E61 nope went to use it and it must have expired at 12:00.01 AM. That’s a bit cheesy RW; why not 11:59.59 PM?


May we know where the coupon code originated? I’m not aware of any current or recent Republic promotions that required a coupon code.


Rc’d coupon from order of Huawei phones that were on sale a short while ago. I ordered phones and order was accepted but I guess they shipped phones to someone else and said phones backordered. Then they sent me a coupon for $130 and said they would not order any more of that model.


What was the exact wording on the coupon? If it said till 12/20/17 then it makes sense that it expired at midnight of the 19th.


Hi @willow,

I just sent you a direct message - I’d like to take a look into this so we can ensure that this is taken care of for you!



Copied from RW communication:

Please ensure that when you enter the coupon code it appears exactly as typed above without any spaces in front of or behind the code. This coupon is valid through 12/20/2017, and will apply to any THREE phones from our webstore.

Thank you in advance for your understanding regarding this matter. If you run into any issues with this process, please feel free to reach out.



Did you send in a ticket when it didn’t work?


No And this is where I think that RW is making the change from building an organization for the community to using the community to build RW.


According to your post support stated to contact them if any problems came up, how is that using the community?


Hi again @willow -

As I mentioned a few days ago, I sent you a private message regarding this situation. I believe the resolution I provided in that message is more than generous given that our Help team was never made aware of this issue when you experienced the issue originally.

Please don’t hesitate to reply to my message, or to reach out to our Help team, if you continue to have issues.



Hi richard.p, Thank you for helping me. I just read your private message and appreciate you taking the time to research this and provide a new coupon. Thank you


Not a problem at all!

Do let us know if you run into any other issues! :slightly_smiling_face: