Coverage? - app to map and compare cellular coverage

Coverage? uses carrier-supplied maps from the four major networks, and allows multiple contours to be simultaneously displayed for comparison. Would be useful to Republic users wanting to compare “yellow” and “magenta” coverage in a given area.

Coverage? - Android Apps on Google Play

Q: What makes ‘Coverage?’ unique?
A: There are great apps out there that collect user submitted signal reports - we recommend them and use them ourselves. However, those apps are only useful in markets with an active user base. We took a different approach with Coverage? - we needed a tool to at least give us an idea of where signal should be - urban, rural, and out in the boonies. Sure, carrier maps aren’t a guarantee of where signal actually is, but it sure is helpful to know which direction to head when you need it!

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Interesting app. It may be worth noting many of the more useful features (carrier coverage comparison for example) require a $2/year subscription. Not onerous by any means.

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