Coverage at Campbell Univ, Buies Creek NC?

My child is about to start college at Campbell Univ, at Buies Creek NC this fall.

When we attended for a campus visit, our Republic phones were useless for anything except calls and texts. We were apparently almost always roaming while mid-campus. The batteries all died quickly, literally within a matter of hours.

We are on the legacy plan with the 5Gb using Sprints network with Verizon as a backup. What I want to know is actual experiences from existing Republic customers if there are any…

  1. When my child does have access as a student to the campus WiFi, will the phone do well with calling/data browsing, etc. Without fast battery drain?
    2.Does the “new” Republic network coverage work any better than the legacy Sprint coverage on the Bouis Creek campus?

We started Republic years ago because our child wanted a Smart Phone, and it met our budget. I would hate to have to leave to get better coverage, but they need to have a phone that will work for Campbell. If we need to buy a new phone that’s fine, but we need to know it will work for that situation.

Hi @sabrefencer,

Congratulations on your daughter’s acceptance at Campbell! My niece is considering Campbell as well, and my brother assures me that his T-mobile phones had coverage in Buies Creek when they did their tour.

I definitely understand your concern. When we visited my daughter’s high school prior to her admission, I asked one of the students giving our tour to put her phone on the network, so I could be sure it would work! (How weird is that?!) Unless someone chimes in here with actual experience on the school network, we’re not going to know for certain. If no one chimes in here over the weekend, I’ll try to see if I can possibly find a member at the school to invite to the conversation.

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Looking at the plan coverage maps, I see the Sprint LTE shows fair to good for the Sprint network (Good LTE where the dorm is, but only fair where the Library, Starbucks, etc are). We currently are on the old 3G. I’m wondering if we switched to the LTE plan instead of the legacy 3G plan if the coverage would improve.

T-mobile shows those areas covered, but the range of “Good” quickly fades when you leave town, which is also a concern because what happens when they go off campus. (Jogging/biking/hiking/etc Sprint with the Verizon backup has always had us covered where we traveled for calls)

PS Thanks for pointing out my spelling error on the city. We haven’t had to write those big checks yet :slight_smile:

Being one who has little faith in the coverage maps (they are based off of engineering models, not actual user) … I prefer to use something like RootMetrics who actually drive the main routes and then augment this with user feedback. Here a couple of screenshots from their Website, where I inputted the Universities address 143 Main St Buies Creek NC

Here is the link to CUBuies Creek info on campus Internet/WiFi

  • of note is the fact that personal routers/AP’s are forbidden, and students caught using them will loose their network connectivity and the hardware will be confiscated

Hi @sabrefencer and welcome to the Community!

I was perusing coverage as you and @southpaw were continuing the conversation. My reading of the maps is the same as yours. That said, facts on the ground are far more relevant than coverage maps, so I would lean toward the reported experience of @southpaw’s brother and family.

Republic’s newer phones are capable of being provisioned for cellular coverage for either GSM (T-Mobile) or CDMA (Sprint). In order to get GSM coverage, you would need new phone(s). And, those new phone(s) come with a new plan structure detailed here: Plans – Republic Wireless.

As far as upgrading to a 4G plan with your current phone(s) on CDMA (Sprint), I’m afraid if your phone(s) showed roaming no matter what the CDMA coverage maps say doing so won’t help. Your current grandfathered 1.0 plans provide no cell data when roaming.

You might consider trying one new Republic phone on GSM if heading back out to Buies Creek before fall is feasible. That way, you would experience the coverage for yourself. Republic does offer a 14-day no questions asked money back guarantee that would make doing so relatively risk free.

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Thanks @Southpaw, @jben, and @rolandh,

I was logging in under the user info that I think is associated with my daughters phone (We only have 4 of these accounts after all), but I’m the old @daddydave. I really like @jben s maps, but both leave me concerned the coverage might not cover the whole campus.

Like @southpaw mentioned her brother said they had coverage, I’m wondering if that meant cell and Data, or just cell? I know ours had cell service because we used it to call each other when we separated for the different breakout sessions, but the 3g icon beside the signal strength was missing most of the time, we didn’t have data, and had an exclamation point instead which I take as roaming(assumed it was on Verizon not Sprint), and the phones got warm and drained of the battery quick.

She has a Moto G 3rd Gen, and I wouldn’t mind replacing it and/or changing her plan if Republic has something that would cover her.

My nephew started there last year and uses Verizon without any issues, so I’ve been getting nudged in that direction, but would prefer to stick with Republic.

I hope this 11 year article is still true, but they supposedly partnered with t-Mobile:

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I have not been back to Campbell since I switched to the “other carrier” that Republic uses, but I know my Republic phone utilizing Sprint worked at the Campbell baseball stadium.

In fact I never remember my phone not working anywhere around Buies Creek albeit with Sprint within a 45 minute circle.

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So, we got the new phone a couple weeks ago, and finally ported he number to it last week after her last exam. We took it on Campbell campus and were getting mid to high LTE signal strength all over campus. (Outside only since the buildings were locked up). Comparing the signal strength to my Sprint-based phone side by side, it was much higher on the new network. She opted for the Moto X4 and keeps telling me the new features she has discoverd and likes better than her old phone.

We also were checking the signal strength and making phone calls while travelling the back roads from the campus. All seemed good.

It was a fun day spent with the daughter and getting to know her future campus. We met an extremely helpful security guard who was at first wondering what we were doing. The guard even left and came back with maps for us explaining where the Freshman parking was, where all of the dining halls and convenience centers for eating on the campus were, etc.

Stopped for Sunny Skies ice cream on the return trip. All in all a nice experience testing out her new phone and Campbell campus.


Thanks for reporting back, it is what makes the community helpful to others and everyone appreciates the contribution. I’m also glad to hear it went to well. Best of luck at school next year to your daughter!

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Hi @sabrefencer,

Thanks for following up with your learnings! The one person I found in our Community who had ties to Campbell didn’t reply to my request for help. :crying_cat_face:

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Thanks for trying.

She is so excited. And trying back routes 55 thru Angier it only took us 45 minutes, and that was including: stopping at a RedBox to return movies, and waiting in the crowded non-line “line” at SunnySkies to get ice cream to take back home. So I think she can easily come home as often as she wants, probably won’t be as much as Mom and I want.

Saturday, I took my younger daughter to the airport and watched her vanish through the security checkpoint to spend two weeks in Canada followed by the rest of the summer in California. As parents, we want them to grow up to be capable, independent adults, but it’s not always easy when they do.


Brief update:

So my Daughters college had orientation for both the students and parents, last Friday and Saturday. Saturday my Wife and I arrived back on campus slightly before 9:00 (fully charged that morning), and were in the session discussing why we are about to be poor in the Chapel at the middle of the campus. Using my old Sprint network Republic phone I took the following screenshots:

I just watched my battery drop, with no steady signal This was just a 40 minute period between all the snapshots sitting still and only checking these few times.

My Daughter stayed all day Friday and Saturday using her newer T-Mobile network Republic phone and hers worked just fine, she even stayed at a dorm far from the Water tower which is where the T-mobile antennas are. She charged it at night but still had plenty of charge on the way home at 11:30ish Saturday.

I think switching from the Sprint to T-Mobile for her was a great choice, and looks like it will work out much better!!

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