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I do not have the same coverage with this new phone. I don’t have coverage where my old phone did. Moto G4 is the old phone. Moto G7 is the new.

Hi @randyc.0h257y and welcome to the Community. This sounds very much like the Moto G4 had CDMA coverage (Sprint) and the Moto G7 has GSM (T-Mobile). The following information is based on the understanding that you purchased the Moto G7 and not a Moto G7 Power or Moto G7 Play.

Here’s a couple of links that can help you verify the SIMs –

If you ordered the Moto G7 from RW it came with a GSM SIM. According to the RW site, the G7 only comes with GSM coverage at this time. RW is working on a CDMA SIM but no date for release has been given.

Here’s how to request a CDMA SIM once they become available

Others in the Community can verify coverage if you will share your zip code (only) no other information.

Hope this helps!

I have the Moto G7 phone with the GSM Sim card. This coverage is not good in my area. I lose coverage at work and driving home. Never noticed issues with old phone.

Hi @randyc.0h257y,

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In order to request the CDMA SIM card, please open a ticket by logging into our help center at

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