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Excuse the alliteration.

I’ve been planning on purchasing a new phone to replace my Moto X 2nd Gen but I have been waiting for more CDMA choices in my area. However, about two weeks ago Republic’s coverage checker began saying that the GSM network had good coverage in my area when from experience it does not. Will this be an issue in the future when I finally purchase my replacement phone?

ZIP: 30728

It might be an issue if you know you want a CDMA provisioned phone. In that case, you’ll want to read through this staff member’s response for ways to handle that: Republic Wireless Coverage Update and CDMA Availability.

It’s also entirely possible that Republic’s GSM partner has genuinely improved its’ coverage footprint in your area. Said GSM partner is aggressively building out its’ network.

If it were me, I’d purchase a phone compatible with either GSM or CDMA, trust Republic to make the right coverage choice and if that fails work with support to address the situation via a help ticket.

Additionally, CDMA choices are pretty limited right now. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge, the Moto G4 and Moto G5+ are it for now.


That probably will be my best bet, I know I can trust Republic to sort things out if my coverage is not that great if I happen to get GSM. Thank you for your quick response.


I would like to see RW create a utility that would allow the user to toggle between CDMA and GSM signals. If phones are sold as being compatible with both signals, then why not make the most of their capabilities and allow use of both signals? And I do mean toggle - not a change of SIM cards and a change to the user’s account. I had to send a phone back because the claim of adequate GSM coverage was not true. I would like to have GSM capabilities for international travel but unfortunately it seems that for now my best local signal is CDMA.

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