Coverage Checker Update: Our Online Store Now Has the Moto E4 and Moto X4 in More Areas!

There is no specific timeline. The expectation is prior to or shortly after year-end.

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Thanks. I just got an e4 plus and im waiting for the CMDA. Wifes phone works great on it but the GSM on the e4+ just sucks here.

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Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Will those of us with gsm Sims needs new CDMA Sims? ( I have one from the old Moto X first gen)

Hi @jeffreyb.dcc2nx,

Our new phones cannot use the SIM card from the Moto X (1st Gen).

If your coverage with your current SIM card is reliable, there is no need to change the SIM card. If you are experiencing coverage issues, please open a support ticket and let our technicians evaluate whether a different SIM card would improve your experience.

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Is there any new information when new phones will be updated and available for the CDMA?

Republic added the Moto E4 and Moto X4 to the list of CDMA capable devices shortly before the holidays. They’re continuing to work on all the other “Yes*” phones shown here: Detailed Supported Phone Features

Hi @justins.vp2hgx,

When we have new information, we will not withhold it! Is there a specific phone you’re interested in?

Any news on the E4 Plus getting on CMDA?

While I am not staff, I can say that I would bet that there would be an official announcement like this one for any of the phones that Republic carries when they add CDMA coverage.

How do I ensure that I receive the CDMA activated MotoX4 when I order? Is there an option to choose GSM or CDMA?

There’s isn’t a box to check. If the system didn’t do it automatically, then you can always start a help ticket to switch.

Thank you. I hope RW changes this as it should be addressed at the time of sale.


It is addressed, but not by direct customer choice. I’d prefer to select as well, but for now, that’s where we’re at.


Hi @travisk.tir8lg,

There is nothing new to report, but we’ll post an update once there is news.


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Meanwhile I just sit here…twiddlin my thumbs…waiting patiently.

We appreciate your patience, @travisk.tir8lg. Our engineers have been hard at work, but the task is not yet complete.


LOL. Its fine. Im dealing. Just excited that ill be able to get off GSM


Any idea when the Moto E4 will be back in stock?

@VampyKit the Moto E4 in gold is currently in stock. Only the black is out of stock:

I’m not sure when the black will be restocked.

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