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Currently we have two Moto G (2nd gen) phones which have worked fine in our summer home (area code 85935) for two summers. I wanted to upgrade my phone but the new cellular partner says no cellular service in area code 85935. Therefore, I cannot upgrade. Will my old phone still work in 85935 when we return to our summer home in May? If not, we may have to switch carriers and we’ve been so happy with Republic Wireless…it’d be a shame.

from the underlying carrier map it does look like that area is not well covered (2G/Roaming and note there no Roaming data in 3.0 plans)

GSM MapPersonal Coverage Check

CDMA maps

if your happy with the current CDMA coverage you may order a CDMA compatible phone from Republic

(if you do get a GSM configured phone Republic support will work with you to get a CDMA one)

CDMA compatible phones

Moto X Pure, Moto G4, Moto G4 Play, Moto G4 PLUS, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Samsung galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

from /thread/65894-republic-wireless-coverage-update-and-cdma-availability?commentID=518390#comment-518390 by @southpaw@rw

6. How can I tell which coverage was assigned to the phone I received?

  • If you order one of our GSM-only phones, you can rest assured you will have GSM coverage.
  • CDMA phones are labeled CDMA on the box:

(Label image courtesy of an Ambassador who received a CDMA G4+)

  • If the phone arrives with the SIM card in the box rather than pre-installed, it’s definitely GSM. However, if the phone arrives with the SIM card installed, that does not conclusively mean it’s a CDMA phone, as some of our GSM phones are still shipped with the SIM card pre-installed.
  • A GSM SIM card is white, and the word republic has public in green letters.
  • A CDMA SIM has a different color for each size of the SIM Card - Gray, Green, White. The word republic is all gray.
  • Once the phone is activated, I believe @rolandh has provided a dialer sequence that is specific to Sprint, meaning if it’s a CDMA phone you’ll see a a menu with the word “Sprint” at the top of the screen. If it’s not a CDMA phone, the phone will not respond to the dialer sequence. I would caution you to cancel out of the resulting options once you confirm your coverage.

Hi @cynthiah.fmpy68,

We have not done anything to change the coverage provided to the older phones. If you’ve enjoyed good coverage at your summer home in the past, the experience will be the same when you return with the same phone.

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