Coverage/Data Issues

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? The one gig one

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

I’m really upset tonight after losing coverage and data while out of town at a gig. I got to South Carolina with everything intact including GPS and during the gig was texting and using FB. Upon getting into my car I had no data and no coverage to get home. Being lost in another state and unable to find help is incredibly scary and upsetting. I drove around for almost an hour and a half to find civilization and people who could give me directions. This seems really archaic in 2021. So my service and this phone is going to leave me stranded if I work out of town outside of RW coverage. This is ■■… I’m sorry I’ve been with you guys for 10 years next year, but if I experience this again… I’m done.


Sorry for your ordeal. But RW cannot magically produce coverage where there isn’t.
If there is another provider that provides coverage in the areas that you travel, then you should definitely consider switching to them.

Usually, in Google Maps…when you search for directions… it will let you know if it expects
poor coverage and will offer to download the map to your phone prior to your trip. Also, I pre-emptively have a few maps downloaded to my phone where I know there is poor t-mobile coverage.


I sometimes wonder how many mobile phone users have never used a map or road atlas.

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If I had no issues getting there using maps or while there using data, why would I think there would be issues getting back home? None of this makes any sense. You all are clearly not reading my original post.

I find it curious, like you, that your had a signal all the way and on arrival but not on return. That is difficult. But I don’t have any answers as to why you had coverage on arrival but not on departure from the same location

Like the original response, downloaded maps are a best practice but that doesn’t help in retrospect, I realize. A healthy distrust of continuous cell coverage would help us all while traveling. Recently, I have added a second mapping system (Here maps) that allows me to download entire state maps and to search and navigate offline.

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Here Maps? I am not going take any jobs out of state driving by myself anymore… It is way too stressful and if I can’t count on my phone, then it probably isn’t worth the money to do these anymore. And thank you for that.

I prefer my Garmin GPS so I don’t have to rely on cell data being available


Hi @amyb9,

Sounds like this was pretty scary for you, and I’m sorry to see you had this experience.

I believe the map consumes what data it needs at the beginning, when you begin on a route, as long as you don’t stray from that route. So that would explain why you could get there, but then the map was unable to route you back home.

It is a little mystifying that you could use Facebook while there if there was no cellular coverage in that location. This makes me wonder if something else was going on, not related to cellular coverage.

I think if this happened to me, I’d look for a place that had WiFi - McDonalds, Starbucks, Lowes hardware, Walmart, Target… and try to get my map working on WiFi.

I don’t think there is any cellular carrier anywhere in the US that claims to have coverage everywhere. Most focus on the most populated areas, and then can be hit-or-miss in less densely populated areas. This is true for the cellular companies we partner with, and our primary cellular partner is currently going through a transitional period as merges two previously separate networks into a single, enhanced network. We’ll be providing more news about that and about what it means for our members in the near future. Please keep an eye on our #news category in Community so you don’t miss anything.

Hey southpaw,

It is mystifying. There was nothing for miles … no civilization in Abbeville, SC… I had to drive 15 mins north to find anything remotely like a gas station etc. No street lights… really rural roads. However, I obviously needed to drive south. There was no knowing that there would not be coverage or a map for my drive home. I just needed to get to Interstate 85 and that apparently was difficult. Going south according to the locals was not the way there and had to drive north to get to 85 south. I don’t know, but it was crazy and very upsetting. Once I got to 85, I didn’t need GPS but still doesn’t explain why everything worked up until leaving.


The Abbeville, SC area seems to be a mix of poor coverage and some LTE band 71 (600MHz frequency) coverage. Your Moto G6 is incapable of using the LTE band 71 coverage. as it doesn’t support that LTE band (band 71 support wasn’t introduced until the next model year for the G series phones).

Curious what app or site you use to drill down into that coverage information.

Well, but of course…Great.

Actually, I may have made a mistake here. I use multiple maps generated by T-Mobile. One of which conflicts with the others. But I guess everything may be in a state of flux with the network integration going on.

Particularly for someone who feels vulnerable when traveling, this is a great suggestion. We gave our old Garmin to my daughter for her to keep in her car for just such emergencies when navigating by phone becomes unreliable.


Even though I have HERE maps on my phone, my Garmin GPS goes on every trip we take, even locally if I’m not familiar with the area! HERE is great in a pinch because it doesn’t use any cell data when working offline.

I love HERE maps! Doesn’t use any cell data when used offline. Just make sure the state you want to use it in is downloaded on your phone if you want to use it to navigate. That being said, my Garmin GPS always goes with us when we’re traveling to areas we aren’t familiar with!

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