Coverage differences


We have a Moto E5 Play and a Moto G5 Plus with Republic (both purchased through RW store). The E5 is getting better coverage and and signal in places where the G5 doesn’t. Why is this?


What’s the SIM type of the Moto G5 Plus? [Open Republic app :rw_3:, go to setting tab :settingsicon: then about the SIM type will be below the phone number]

My guess is that it’s CDMA, and the Moto E5 play is a GSM phone, you can request a GSM SIM for the Moto G5 Plus by opening a ticket .


Thanks. It’s a CDMA. I’m not sure which SIM would be better. Ugh, I hate living in rural America.


We have two Moto G5+. One is GSM and the other CDMA by choice. Neither system has perfect coverage and we find that when traveling at least one of our phones will have a signal. Either phone can be turned into a WiFi hotspot that the other phone will lock on, so in that sense we have GSM and CDMA coverage on both phones.


That’s a nice fix. It won’t work for me but it’s pretty genuis


Well you currently have a phone on both, I would suggest waiting a little while and seeing which is working better. If it turns out it is GSM, then that’s an easy fix (change the SIM in the G5+). If it turns out it is CDMA you’re a bit out of luck as it isn’t possible for the E5 Play to use CDMA.


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