Coverage for our Republic Phones in Alaska, Anchorage, Wasilla areas and trails around

We are going on a trip to my son’s wedding in Alaska. He is sending us there for his wedding next month. I have looked at the coverage maps and it indicates no internet available while there and supposedly there is talk and text service.

He is trying to get me to change carriers to Cricket to help with our trip. I just got a new phone and we are happy with Republic service here.
Any tips on how to be sure we are able to use our phones in Alaska? We will need maps and trail information, etc…and of course reliable communication with everyone will be a MUST !
There will be 10 of us going…so excited, yet concerned for communication due to safety issues and such as well.

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

I’m afraid there’s no silver bullet for cellular coverage in Alaska as neither of Republic’s cellular partners has particularly good coverage there. When not connected to WiFi, you are likely to be limited to talk and text at best. To be certain, you’re looking at the correct map, may we start with which phone you’re using with Republic?

Cricket is owned by AT&T whose coverage may or may not be better in Alaska. Does your son use Cricket in Alaska? You should also know moving a Republic number to Cricket while possible isn’t easy. More on that is linked here: Transferring a Republic Number to a Service Provider That Refuses Landlines. No other mobile service provider including AT&T itself would make you jump through the hoops Cricket does.

Google Maps may be used in offline mode as described by Google here:

Apps one might use for trail information may have offline options as well. Are you expecting to use a specific app or apps?

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Take a look at this link to RootMetrics … you can see comparisons of the major carrier, based on traveled routes with their test suite of phones and user feedback

If you’re traveling together, maybe you only need one or two phones that have increased cellular capability in Alaska. In that case you could just pick up a Cricket SIM card kit, or order a GCI SIM card for use while in Alaska. I wouldn’t even switch the phone number over. Just use it as a temporary solution for your trip.

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My son just changed to Cricket in Alaska recently and says it works well. My daughter tried to port her number to Cricket and was unable to. They also refused her the free phone because the condition was the number had to be ported. So I wasn’t a fan from that point on either. They told her there was a hack, but we discovered you would have to pay fees to the other company to port your number starting an account there, then port it again to Cricket. Like not a cheap way to keep a number.

I need to check into how to use maps off-line, my husband has done that but I haven’t tried it yet. thank you !

All trials is the app my son told me to down load. It is a wealth of information which would be handy to have before a hike. I have only just downloaded that app so don’t know if there is a way to use it off-line.

I haven’t had a chance to try the RootMetrics link yet, but appreciate the link and will soon !

What is a GCI sim card? Honestly, I had to have all of you help me with my new phone. I bought it unlocked, but only just followed the steps lined out for me here. How does that owrk if you put in a different SIM card? I would not be opposed to that.

My phone is the newest one, the Moto G5s plus… The others are the oldest on our list…all about 3 years old. We will have others in our group that have different carriers, and I guess since my Alaska son convinced some of them to switch to Cricket, there are a couple with Cricket phones. I don’t think they will want to stay with Mom (as adult boys) all the time we are there. I like to have confidence in having a phone that works as needed for emergencies while I am not at home. Most places don’t keep land lines either these days and most places for vacationing are in remote areas.

thank you for any help.

GCI is a mobile carrier in Alaska. They offer prepaid phone plans, but you would have to walk into one of their stores to get set up.

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This is expected behavior porting to Cricket as they do not accept VOIP based numbers.
One would need to port to a non-voip based service first, then port to Cricket from there.

We are in our trip in Alaska and have found it as you said it would. Talk and text but no data.
HOWEVER, our calls show roaming and we need to know if we will be changed extra for this?
I don’t think we should be since there is no other options here for our paid service.
Also texts are not reliable…:thinking:

There is no charge for roaming calls or texts.

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