Coverage in Alaska

Republic has any coverage in Anchorage AK

Republic has no native coverage in Alaska only Roaming and that can be hit or miss

I was in Sitka, Juneau, and Ketchikan this week. I was able to make phone calls most of the time, but unable to send text messages. Probably the same in Anchorage.

I’d like to reiterate ucflink’s comments. RW’s coverage map, which states that calls and text are available in certain parts of Alaska, is incorrect. For two weeks, I was able to make calls for the most part (as expected) from Healy/Denali down to Anchorage and then in several cruise ports down the southeast coast. However, I received literally one text during this time while on cell (not on wifi) in these areas. I was in a port on the SE coast (not sure which one) and one squeaked through. During this time, the phone status even stated something to the effect of “Calls only over cell” and stated something to the effect of “text and data over wireless”.

This was disappointing for me. Please plan accordingly.

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