Coverage - in areas

What phone do you have? Google Pixel 2

What plan are you on? 1 GB data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

My son was camping and we verified he would have coverage where he was at. When he got there he was not able to text or call. It kept saying he had no service. According to this map, he should have been able to get at least talk and text. Why didn’t it work?

Note Fair coverage is very hit and miss

Republic has 2 different partners and which one you have is depended on the SIM installed in the phone
Republic coverage map no long lets one select which partners coverage ( I find it always gives me a CDMA(Sprint) coverage other report they are seeing GSM coverage ) I have started to go to the partners coverage maps due to this
for CDMA the coverage map is here -->

for GSM (T-mobile) the coverage map is here -->

That’s frustrating. I should be able to go the Republic map and it should tell me the coverage. If it says the coverage is fair - I’m OK without internet but not having texts and calls. I checked my phone and it is the GSM (I’m assuming my son would be the same). Do you know what it means by “partner” coverage on the T-mobile coverage?

T-Mobile’s Partner coverage is Roaming (no user data and there a chance of no data at all which would mean no text though Voice should work)
Many people report fair cover to be no better than no coverage as it could be just out side on a hill at the right time
WI does not have very good coverage for the GSM partner

I do agree and have stated so to republic when they where rolling out the website update

Maybe we should also be adding a link to root metrics as a third way to view coverage maps.

Hi @suzannet.1zcgiu,

We understand your frustrations. Complaints about RW’s coverage maps are nothing new and most of us agree there’s much room for improvement. You may may want to change the phone over to RW’s CDMA network if it will work in the primary area of phone use. Here is link on how to request a CDMA SIM card.

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