Coverage in San Juan Puerto Rico


Have moto G6 my plan is text data 1gb and talk will the phone work in San juan Puerto Rico and if so is there a roam charge if I use it and do i need to do anything to the phone before I get there to make it work


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As San Juan isn’t International, but part of the US, you will have coverage based on the coverage your underlying carrier has. If you go to the Republic App, hit the gear and then About, what does it say there under “SIM Type” for your phone?


HEY, you are the guy that I want to say THANK YOU to!! The other day I was getting grief from my G6 with poor like in REAL poor connectivity and YOU suggested it could be solved by another Sim card as it turned out T mobile is NOT close to me at all BUT Sprint is the next block over and do mean this literally So THANK YOU for THAT I requested a new sim and waiting on it as I write this.
Now, thanks again for the info on intl calling I will read up on it I think the hotel I am staying at offers free wifi so I can use that Thanks again!


@barryd.jps8i3 You don’t have to rely on Wifi. Puerto Rico is part of the US. Coverage with the GSM SIM you have would be this: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless with the CDMA SIM this: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless




So I am going to Puerto Rico and St. Thomas on a cruise next week and I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly. If I do not have WiFi access while in San Juan or St. Thomas, can I use my data with no penalty? I am not worried about calls or text as my family will be with me.

I am on the 1 GB Clear Choice plan.


Yes, you can use your service in both locations without any issue as both are part of the US.


Thank you for the clear answer. I just really needed to have some way to check my Fantasy Football team without paying for WiFi on the cruise ship. lol


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