Coverage in SE Vermont

I live in southeastern Vermont and I’m very happy with Republic and the savings and quality of service. However, the coverage map for Southeastern Vermont is not accurate at all. I saw the request for feedback and felt you should know this.
My drive from Cavendish to Brattleboro on 91 and 103 is spotty cell coverage on 91 and nothing much from rockingham to Ludlow. Not the nearly 100% indicated on this map.

My phone is at pixel 4a purchased from Republic.

Hi @davidl.jnpeka Coverage maps are provided by the partner carriers and they generate them using engineering models which unfortunately are often not all that accurate. In addition, the Republic Map doesn’t do a good job at showing signal strength so in a lot of the areas the coverage may be a very weak signal. Finally, the map may not reflect the coverage you have at all depending on which carrier partner your phone is configured with.

Pshew, that’s a lot. In any case, can you open the Republic App on your phone, tap the little icon that looks like a gear at the top and tell us what it says for “SIM Type”. This will allow us to both point you to a better map AND perhaps provide a way to improve the coverage where you are by having Republic send you a different SIM.

Brand new pixel 4a purchased from Republic
I’ve adjusted to the fact that I get awful cell coverage with my service, I appreciate it for the Wi-Fi and the low cost. But it’s super unreliable in my state for actually getting cell coverage. Your maps and their errors are salt in the wound…

Coverage can absolutely be improved there. Follow these directions and you’ll see drastically better coverage: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help (

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