Coverage in UT, WY, ID, and CO

Hello all. We’re planning a trip out west this summer.

How is Republic coverage in UT, CO, WY, and ID?

Thanks for your help!

Depends on which network partner your phone is configured with
if CDMA (Sprint) then it’s mostly roaming or no coverage

If GSM (T-Mobile) then it’s a mix of Roaming coverage and no coverage

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You may want to use something like RootMetrics. (available as an app or use on your PC for preplanning

They drive the routes and analyze multiple carriers using a suite of phones. This breaks down the coverage into small cells that you can check individually


You can search your specific address, and compare the Network used by your phone
(GSM= -Mobile CDMA=Sprint, choice is in the pulldown)


How would I figure out what carrier my phone is configured with?

This depends on a couple of factors, what phone you’re using, the coverage map of the area use when purchasing the phone from Republic, if you’re using ta bring your own device can all be factors on which carrier you are a assigned when you activated the phone on Republic Wireless

Can you tell us what model phone you have? (This will help us determine which network you’re on, or provide you directions to tell).

Checking my Moto X Pure with Network Cell Info Lite the Device+SIM tab shows Phone type GSM highlighted

I have a Moto G 1st generation. I’m still on the 5G plan.

This is a legacy phone and your on the CDMA partner, on the 1.0 plans there is no roaming data, where the CDMA map is light green you should have voice and text

Okay thank you. So I should check for Sprint coverage?

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Yes Sprint is the CDMA partner


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