Coverage in ZIP code 56623

I am wondering what the coverage for cellular service for ZIP code 56623 is. I have a pending move to that area and wondering what my reception would be in more detail than what the coverage maps provides. Thank you.

Coverage maps tend to be deceptive…so if you have on-ground experience…then I wouldn’t waste time on coverage maps. Having said that, just looking at the coverage map, it looks like GSM (Tmobile) coverage is non-existent in that area. Do you know if you have a GSM or CDMA SIM card?

Open the Republic Wireless App
Settings → About
Your SIM Type is listed in the Phone Info section

If you currently have a GSM SIM card and if your phone is capable of using a CDMA SIM card it might be worthwhile to explore if you could improve your coverage by switching to CDMA SIM card.

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I have a Google Pixel 5 5G with a GSM SIM card.

That phone is capable of both GSM and CDMA SIM cards…so my suggestion would be to submit a ticket and explore the option to switch to CDMA coverage. Depending where you are in that zip code…you might be fine with GSM or CDMA might be better.

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