Coverage issue question

What phone do you have? Moto g(7)

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

I have a RW issued Moto g(7) phone with a GSM sim card for about 4 years now. I have no issues until I take trips to Watertown, SD. I have made several trips and experienced spotty coverage between Rapid City to Watertown via Pierre SD.

On this trip while I was in Watertown, I experienced an issue where people in Watertown tried to call me and reported their calls where going straight to voice mail. I never heard my phone ring once. However the same people were able to send me text messages.
Looking at my phone, it showed 4G LTE with 2 bars. I tried to get to my voicemail by bringing up the dialer and pressed “1” to get to my voicemails.
I was immediately greeted with a popup that indicated Data calls could not be made. I can make and receive calls with no issues when I’m connected to WiFi in Watertown.
Talking with folks in Watertown who they use for cell service the indicated it was Sprint ( now T-Mobile). I’m thinking this maybe related to the issue I’m experiencing since my phone is GSM. Not sure though.
I looked at both T-Mobile and Sprint Coverage Maps of Watertown and both show good coverage for Watertown. I wonder though is the coverage CDMA or GSM. It seems to be CDMA based on what I’m experiencing.
I’m thinking of moving to Watertown, and don’t want to move away from RW.
Anyone else run across an issue like this? What was the solution? Thank You

Hi @svede,

Republic’s GSM network partner is T-Mobile. Historically, in the upper midwest ( Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, etc.) T-Mobile’s coverage has been spotty though it has and continues to improve.

Republic also offers alternative coverage on Sprint’s legacy network. T-Mobile has completed its’ acquisition of Sprint, however, for now, the networks remain separate. Currently, T-Mobile says it will shut down Sprint’s legacy network in January 2022 but that may slip. Once T-Mobile shuts down Sprint’s legacy network, the bulk of it would be integrated into T-Mobile’s existing network.

According to the coverage maps I’m looking at both T-Mobile’s and Sprint’s legacy network do indeed offer coverage in and around Watertown. That said, outside downtown, coverage degrades to “fair” signal strength, which might very well explain the experience. While both networks show areas of “fair” signal strength around Watertown, Sprint’s legacy network looks a bit more robust than T-Mobile’s. Therefore, one option would be to request a different SIM from Republic as described here:

You would want to be certain CDMA (Sprint’s legacy network) coverage is good at home as well before deciding on this route.

If you’d like to see whether it’s possible to improve GSM coverage when in Watertown, I would suggest the following:

The activation refresh requires WiFi, so you might want to do that before leaving home. The network settings reset is best done in an area of reasonably strong cellular signal, so I would suggest doing that in downtown Watertown if not before arriving.

As an aside, I grew up in Watertown, albeit Massachusetts rather than South Dakota :joy:

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Good Morning @svede,

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